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On3 single turbo kit

Discussion in 'N54' started by Turby, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    For anyone still looking for more info on the on3 kit I just ordered one yesterday, I'll be posting as many pictures as possible as well as doing the install myself and answering any questions you have and I may have some questions also. First time doing a turbo install ever so I guess this is kind of a build thread.

    First update - I called to place my order to see if they had the full kit in stock, they have everything except for the pipe that goes from the turbo to the intercooler and said they should be back in stock on those within 2-3 weeks since its a custom part and will send me one asap, cool. I went ahead and ordered it anyway and they refered me to someone who has installed their kit on the n54 motor a couple of times if I had any questions. I went along and did that and what do you know he had an extra one of those pipes that i needed so thanks to Patrick, not sure if he's on the forums or not. As far as what I ordered I got the 61mm journal option for an extra $125, wasnt going to spend anymore for a bb or such when i plan on upgrading to a precision or another vband anyway. I deleted the Wastegate since I heard they have major boost creep issues and the spring included is weak and ordered a tial mvr. I then deleted the bov and charge pipe since I already have those. I kept the intercooler option since I know my 5 inch stepped won't keep up and got their 7 inch ic included instead. After all of that it came out to 28xx then after shipping i paid 2943 total.

    - Parts list so far
    On3 kit - 2943

    - Bought separate
    Tial wg - 370
    Mac solenoid - 33
    Manifold gaskets - 30
    Heat wrap and tape - 40
    Oil/coolant - 100

    Complete total is 3515 so far for everything I need. I haven't added the prices for hosing and little things i may or may not have to get but ill update it if so.

    Keep in mind you can sell your current parts as well to make back some money, these prices are not accurate for everyone.
    Intercooler - 250
    Catless downpipes - 300
    Stock turbos - 250-300
    Intakes/inlets if possible.

    With 800 or so back, new total.. $2715

    Tune prices vary.

    Also on my list to get within the 2 months index 12s, new vc, lsd, oil cooler and tires. Plan is to be done by tx2k March 16th. That's it for now.

    Update, kit shipped out today and will be here Friday! They had most of the stuff in stock but still had to fab a couple pieces up before shipping but a week wait isn't much at all, I'll have pictures up when it gets here.

    20170120_154715.jpg 20170120_173430.jpg 20170120_154715.jpg 20170120_173430.jpg 20170120_173459.jpg 20170120_173508.jpg 20170120_173522.jpg 20170120_173534.jpg 20170120_173611.jpg 20170120_173717.jpg 20170120_173834.jpg 20170120_173849.jpg 20170120_173938.jpg 20170120_173955.jpg 20170120_174002.jpg 20170120_174019.jpg

    Came in today already, only took 2 days of shipping. Everything looks good and the parts list was accurate. They're back ordered on couplers lol but they'll send them as soon as they're in stock. I started taking the car apart today and got to the manifold bolts and called it a night, I'm going to have more pictures of some of the install I didn't take any of me taking the car apart because there's already write ups.
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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Not too bad! I'm interested to hear more about these kits.
  3. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    "kind of a build thread" he says lol, its the definition of a build thread! but great write up so far
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  4. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    so what brand of turbo does it come with? ChinaTurbosLLC? ;)
  5. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Correct lol
  6. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Update, got here 9 days after ordering
  7. John@DBV2

    [email protected] Private Vendor

    I really want to go single as well. On3 kit looks so enticing.
  8. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    20170122_200319.jpg 20170122_200330_HDR-1.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20170122_190320.jpg

    I worked on it friday-sunday and got most of it on, just need to get hose for the coolant tank and a couple little things put together and it should be good to put back together after a start up. So far so good.
  9. veer90

    veer90 Corporal

    Rye, NY
    e90 335i 6MT
    Are you able to fit the engine cover on without cutting? One customer at the shop I go to got this kit and they had to trim the cosmetic engine cover because the turbo was tucked so closely to the valve cover
  10. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    As of now no lol, but I'm still tweaking it so we'll see
  11. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Iv been looking at this kit as well, keep us updated on how it is. Any issues during install?
  12. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Just finished up last night, going for a test drive today. The only issue I would note is the return line off of the turbo hits the turbo/manifold vband... So the turbo doesnt clock straight. I emailed on3 about it and they're looking into it. A friend of mine ordered a oil return fitting that is slanted for his kit he just got so we'll see if that works. Im going to update this thread soon with more pictures and such.
  13. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Nice! How do your knuckles feel
  14. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Lol horrible, probably took me longer than it shouldve but oh well
  15. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I am going to be doing my install soonish. I have no problem taking my time.
  16. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Definitely take your time, one thing i wish i did was sort out the bolts and tools once i got started stuff was everywhere and that wasted a lot of time always looking for things
  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Freezer baggies and a permanent marker :)
  18. Kervio

    Kervio Private

    Nice to see fitment pics! Kit looks REALLY good for the price :)
  19. g00b86

    g00b86 Lurker

    Great job so far. Def going to keep my eye on this one since there are limited On3 users on this platform. I found your youtube video, just curious where in NJ you are located?
  20. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i