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Opinions on Diff lock down brackets

Discussion in 'Traction | Handling | Drivetrain' started by SingleTurboE92, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. I am torn on getting a Diff lock down bracket. I can see some benefits but feel the Diff needs flex to prevent internal damage. I have LSD and will soon replace the subframe bushings. What benefits and negatives have people see with installing a lock down kit?
  2. From what ive heard its more of band aide than actual fix, but do not have enough knowledge myself to back it up or say different .
  3. I feel like it would be great if you don't want to spring for a LSD and replace your subframe bushings. But haven't seen real data for or against it.
  4. exactly like you say.. Would be a great "alternative" for not replacing subframe/upgrading bushings/suspension. Id just do it all instead of banking on the lockdown brackets =P. im pretty sure i saw some data floating around n54 or 1addicts.
  5. I have fabricated my own lockdown bracket, as my wheel hop was really bad during launches at the strip. There was an improvement over-all, wheel hop is reduced, but I feel it's a bit of a scewed result, as I have improved significantly in my abilities to launch the car. It could be the other way around, and the bracket helped me improve. No way to tell really.
    I wasn't concerned with the cost's of doing it, as it was scrap steel and only my time wasted if there was no improvement.

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  6. What about fabricating some kind of damper instead of a solid option?
  7. That could work, but it would have to be a sort custom shock absorber set-up, which would need some research and testing to get it dialed in.
  8. I got a solid lockdown brace and it is great for me. It helps keep my car under control and it doesn't slide everywhere like it used to. Plus, no wheel hop from digs.
  9. jyamona

    jyamona Corporal Vendor

    Defiv lockdown is the best, albeit most expensive of the group. However, it's also the only one that was appropriately engineered to solve the problem.
  10. From what I can see, he no longer is selling them/in business..... Kind of just dropped off the face to the earth.....

    Solid mounts, solid diff bushings and rod end style arms eliminate deflection= the root of wheel hop past the actual design of the suspension geometry
  11. jyamona

    jyamona Corporal Vendor

    He's still very much around, just returned to focusing on Supra's (and now GTR / 911's too). His shop is about 25min from me. He probably still has some of these available, and if there was enough interest would make more batches.

  12. That's fantastic to hear! Emails and forum presence told me otherwise in bmw world.
  13. I have the Mfactory solid diff bushings, an LSD, and a diff brace. I still will get wheel hop occasionally due to the nature of the multi-link, but significantly less than prior to those add-ons.
  14. Until you get those rubber bushings out of the subframe it will continue as well
  15. Thanks for all the feedback, I will not be drag racing this car. So no digs for me. It will be used for street driving, mountain runs and 2-3 track days a year. I just want as much traction as possible. :)
  16. I have solid poly subframe bushings and the M3 rear control arms. Not much left to beef up back there.
  17. I did 14 track days this year. Rear subframe bushings were second only to an LSD in traction improvement, in my opinion.

  18. M3 arms deflect still. Bimmerworld arms are the way to go.
  19. Check out these modified front control arms. Local shop here in Atlanta makes them. I will check out bimmerworld rear arms now. Thanks for the recommendation. IMG_4810.JPG
  20. Bimmerworld sells the same style heim joint conversion