Part Out: Hexon RR550 Upgraded Turbos - TFT Inlets - E6X - E9X - E8X

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  1. Part Out E6X E9X Parts - Hexon RR550 - TFT Inlets - Spec Stg 3+ clutch and Steel Flywheel

    Payment Methods:
    Paypal with Fee Unless Paid by Gift.
    Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping.
    Currently I am selling some parts due to going a different direction with a cars that I have. I accept Paypal and will ship at buyers expense.

    Hexon RR550 Turbos
    Fitment: The turbos will fit 135, 535, 1M's, Z4's
    How Many Miles: 5k tuned under 20psi
    Condition: The Turbos are in great shape, with very few miles on them. There is not shaftplay or WG rattle. At the moment they are on the car (in storage) but can be taken off in a day to be shipped out.

    TFT Inlets Polished Gold Tinted Inlets (does not come with Charge Pipe)
    Price: $750 - SOLD
    New still in the box (they have been test fitted by TFT)

    Spec Clutch Stg3+ (SB533F-2)
    Price: $850 SOLD

    Spec Single Mass Steel Flywheel
    Price: $350 SOLD
    Bolt Pattern:
    6 Bolt

    BMS/CP-e N54 Chargepipe SOLD
    Used - Small Dent See Pics
    Price: $100

    Hexon RR550 Turbos: Will fit 135, 535, 1M's, Z4's

    TFT Inlets Polished Gold Tinted Inlets
    (does not come with Charge Pipe

    Spec Clutch Stg3+ (SB533F-2)
    - Spec Single Mass Steel Flywheel

    BMS/CP-e N54 Chargepipe


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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Pretty stuff, just never got around to installing the inlets?
  3. yes exactly that, and at the moment prob going single so these things must go. They do look amazing though.
  4. Bump - Forgot to mention the TFT have the Polished / Gold tint option!

  5. Honestly, those turbos looks amazing.. Wish I had the extra 1600 to drop on them but, sadly I have to deal with life things. Just been doing some standard Tune-Ups while saving up for bigger things

    Tune-Ups: Fluids, Sparks, Coilpacks, etc.. Hadn't changed any of it except oil for the last 15k miles so I figured might as well.
    Plus I wanted to try out some NGK 95770 Plugs because I do run E85 Mixes. Gapped them to .022 and car is running beautifully at the moment! :D
  6. Bump to the Top! lets get some stuff sold to make room for ST for the E61.
  7. Are you offering the e6x Adaptive Headlights
  8. I am not parting out the car just some performance parts, so no sorry I don't have the headlights.

    BMUP: Turbos will also fit 135, 1M, and Z4
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  9. John@DBV2

    [email protected] Lurker Vendor

    Those inlets though. I wish I had $750 for them.
  10. TTT ------ lots of PM about the turbos but nobody has jumped just yet.

    Dyno of RR550 with TFT inlets E85 and stg 3 fuel.

  11. Charge Pipe Sold!

    Bump - All PMs Replied
  12. eric

    eric New Member

    335xi 2008 fbo
    Always available your turbo ?do you shipping in Canada (montreal)?thanks
  13. Bmwfixerguy1

    Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant

    07 335i MT
    What's the milage on the turbos? Says very little but kinda wanted a a number :)
    Could you pm me your best price shipped to 08096..
    I'm supposed to be getting a set of VTT 2+s but am having second thought of trying to feel those puppy's all the fuel they want!
    You can text me which I prefer at 6094723419
  14. Jsherry20

    Jsherry20 Sergeant

    Those are fucking beautiful.
  15. Bmwfixerguy1

    Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant

    07 335i MT
    Sorry just saw milage in there after I read again
  16. TFT Inlets - SOLD
  17. Bmwfixerguy1

    Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant

    07 335i MT
    Are the turbos still available? Pending the report/bill I get back from pure I might be in the market
  18. JazRedGT

    JazRedGT Specialist

    Also the turbo will fit a 335. Just need to buy 335 coolant line for the rear turbo.