PD trans kit?


Jul 3, 2018
So from my understanding, Precisions Raceworks is now the only certified seller of the PD kit - I dont think you can even order direct any more. I tried asking some of these questions on FB and never got any answers so I guess I'll try on here.

Do you guys plan on putting them up for sale on your website, or is it too limited of stock? I cant find a clear answer on the current costs of what it takes to get a PD trans but I know my stock 6at wont hold the power levels I'll be pushing soon and I'm not sure what route to go.

Have you guys done any more testing or anything to get more accurate information on Tq levels etc that a PD trans can hold? I know in the original thread it was mentioned that the clutch packs are something like 20-30% harder than the stock clutches, but I can only assume that doesnt necessarily mean the tq holding capacity is also changed by 20-30% exactly - is it more or less? Theres some people out there pushing 700+whp with a good amount of torque with the kit and claim no problems, yet I've also heard that the PD may be inferior to a stock 6hp28 when it comes to holding those levels of HP and Tq due to other people having slipping issues at even lower power levels. Supposedly Joel Bowlin was having slipping issues at his power level when he was doing the stock turbo record runs, and I cant imagine he was passed 600hp even while spraying.

Will there be a page added to your website about the PD clutches that offers info + obviously pricing and an easier way to order? Or can you guys make a detailed forum post about them and how best to go about getting info on and ordering them? @PRECISION RACEWORKS @[email protected] any info would be greatly appreciated about the new sales and tech info.