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Programming and Coding FAQ


This is a collection of frequently asked questions about programming/coding.
  1. Levanime

    Levanime Lurker Vendor

  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Hopefully you expand this document, good stuff :)
  3. Very Cool, Does this also mean that the average Joe could take their 175k mile bimmer and make it show it only has 100k? Just curious because that would be something to tell people to check for when purchasing these vehicles.
  4. Levanime

    Levanime Lurker Vendor

    that is possible if you have special tools,
    illegal of course
    not very difficult to check
  5. What all steps would you perform to check this out? I really feel like the community needs to hear this.
  6. Levanime

    Levanime Lurker Vendor

    So depending on the persons skills and will who was doing mileage correction there can be different level of coverage.

    • Easiest way is, (if Cluster was not modified, retrofited) check seal on Cluster, on e90/e60 clusters its on the right side. - New seal can be applied but done rarely.
    • Next: to change mileage in Cluster, needles need to be removed and after installed back usually calibration is messed up and speedo and tacho are not pointing 0 when ign is off. also you can enable digital speed and compare reading of needle to the number. - Needles can be placed correctly if proper time spent or person has enough skills to correct them by coding.
    • Next way is to check mileage recorded in different modules - Rarely mileage is modified in all modules. for example RDC
    • It's also possible to check working hours on DME and calculate if its realistic - working hours can be zeroed
    • you can also read Key data with proper tool and check mileage in it - new keys could be programmed
    • etc
    im no expert in this so there might be easier ways too
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  7. Amazing response man! Well, wrote and very informative!

    Thanks for spending the time to contribute this knowledge to the members here!
  8. Have a look at R270 Programmer and Autohex...does everything mentioned above and more...
    If I remember correctly, editing mileage only requires the values to be synced in CAS and KOMBI

    There are also CANBUS filters on alibaba which lets you stop the mileage from syncing between CAS and KOMBI...
    but I think this topic is in a grey area so... admins please delete my post if I've crossed the line.
  9. JuniorB

    JuniorB Corporal

    BMW e60 5series
    Since this is still up, can I program my vin to the n54 ecu and cas when I do my swap? I'll need this to be kosher when inspection comes around. Unless there is a law that you can do an nine upgrade if it's the same or newer, anyone have info with this? I know I can swap all the nessasery modules, it's my vin I need. Lmk. Ty.
  10. Levanime

    Levanime Lurker Vendor

    yes it is possible to change VIN in CAS and DME
  11. JuniorB

    JuniorB Corporal

    BMW e60 5series
    Couple things, I know you can run the 54 with all the electronics from the 535, I pulled it all out, and found a lot of it is the same, except for the nav, and other non extras the 535 has. Then I read the msv70 could support di, which in that case, may be easier. Not sure as I haven't looked more into this, but I'm stripping down the 535 for anything electrical I may need. Like I said , most of the modules are the same and all I see with that is certain coding. I'm so dying to get this going, I just don't need that wall when inspection comes around. I'm dune in August, good for two years, so if I can get that motor right, it's gravy from there on, the swap is butter, it's the software that I'm on the fence about. I don't need to spend a ton buying a 535 with no history. I'll keep in touch with you, thank you