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Propulsive Dynamics Upgraded 6HP21 Group Buy Info/Sign-Up List

Discussion in 'ZF6HP' started by [email protected], Dec 26, 2016.

  1. I've been getting several emails/PMs a week regarding the Group Buy so I figured it was time to officially launch it. A few paragraphs below is a copy/paste from another thread of mine but I wanted to get a new post going to refresh the customer list.

    I have also been tagged in several conversations on FB over the last few weeks. I would rather keep all of the information that comes from me limited to this forum for easy reference so I will be addressing all of your questions/concerns from this thread. I will continue to post things in this thread that I think of that I might have missed in this OP.

    **Please read this FULL post before asking questions in order to keep the thread on point.**

    Propulsive Dynamics, LLC is happy to announce that we are now offering a complete drop-in solution for the 6HP21/19 transmissions that are currently found in N54/N55 powered vehicles. It is preferred that the customer send in their stock unit for rebuild, however, sending a salvaged donor unit is also possible. It is of note that vehicle models 2009 and up could need a ECS module reset via NCS Expert/WinKFP to reactivate the paddle shifters after install.

    We also strongly advise that the end user utilize an ATF cooler to aide in heat management of the system that uses true AN fittings. The use of AN fittings is important due the increases in ATF pump pressure and volumetric flow-rate.

    The fully built transmissions offered by Propulsive Dynamics feature the following…

    - Upgraded G3 Friction Material frictions

    - Upgraded Kolene steels

    - Increased clutch plate counts throughout

    - Upgraded Race Bushings throughout

    - Complete Overhaul Kit by ZF

    - Fully rebuilt and upgraded valve-body

    - Fully rebuilt and upgraded torque converter (stock stall, currently)

    - Each finished unit is fully calibrated on a loaded transmission dyno cell

    - Each unit is shipped with a calibration data packet which also includes the adaptation procedure

    Propulsive Dynamics, LLC has formed an exclusive partnership with European Transmissions. They will be performing the rebuilds and dyno calibration of all of our units. They are a BMW certified transmission refurbishment facility for BMW USA.

    The calibration procedure includes increasing line pressures in each clutch drum, increased flow through the ATF pump, adjustments to slip durations to compensate for the increased friction coefficient and adjustments to the adaptation parameters themselves in order for the system to learn within its new boundaries. We are rating the performance increase at ~30% over the known capacity limit of the stock configuration with increased spectrum of usage and margin of safety.

    We currently have 4 beta units in the field and the owners are all reporting extremely positive results. Some of the feedback reported thus far has been…

    - Faster, sportier shifts

    - Firmer, more deliberate shifts

    - OEM-lke shifts during daily driving

    - Increased shift points (7100 RPMs reported) at WOT

    Group-buy pricing will be $4,500.

    Any updates will also be posted in this thread.

    EDIT for Group-Buy info:

    "Jason, out of curiosity, do you have any idea on how the group buy will roll out? Deposits? Delivery windows? Deposit refund policy? Etc."

    Excellent question. Currently, our thinking is that after we get 10 people signed up, we would ask for 50% down to start manufacturing the clutches and bushings. Upon completion of the manufacturing phase, currently estimated to be in the 90 day domain, we would then ask for the remaining 50% and for the customer to send us their transmission for upgrade.

    After we receive the customer's transmission, turnaround time is estimated to be ~4 days based on what we experienced with building the 5 previous units. The rebuild process looks like this...

    - Disassembly
    - Deep cleaning
    - Complete inspection
    - Reassemble with upgrades
    - Dyno calibration
    - Ship

    Group-Buy List:
    1) nitemare
    2) 08_335i
    3) doublespaces
    4) braddman
    5) wtfmarine
    6) obed figureroa
    7) BADN55
    8) Charmuth.135i
    9) Mellow Yellow
    10) AndersS
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  2. Also, we've been getting a lot questions about the lack of a website. We have had a website since inception, however, it has remained dormant due to construction and anticipation of successful launch of this product. The website will go live once we are in mass production.
  3. nitemare

    nitemare Private

    I thought there was more than 8 people now? At any rate, this is still positive as we are over half way there.
  4. Another point I'd like to make especially since I have seen that there will be a TCU flash module coming on-line very soon...

    While we applaud and encourage anything that promotes this platform, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that our upgraded units NOT be flashed after being dynamically calibrated in our transmission dyno cell. This will corrupt the calibration and we will not be held liable for damage or loss of performance that is incurred as a result. Of course our customers are free to do as they wish with their equipment but doing so will void the warranty. This also includes the Alpina flash or any other sdaten flash for that matter.

    Our calibration simply cannot be matched since it is EXACTLY how BMW does is at the plant.
  5. There very well could be. If I've missed anyone, hopefully they will notify me via this thread.
  6. Sshec152

    Sshec152 Corporal

    Whel I bought my car 2 years ago I specifically wanted a manual due to the auto have no upgradable options, kinda wishing i had an auto now :( this is awesome!
  7. Correction to list
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  8. Update: Minimum required to launch mass production has been reduced to 10. Only 2 spots left to fill and we can get this show on the road.
  9. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow Private

    I'd be interested. I was writing you before beta testing but I wasn't ready just yet. How do I get in on it?
  10. I can add you to the Group Buy list in the OP. You'd be #9 which means we only need one more to launch mass production.
  11. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow Private

    Put me down. Thanks!
  12. Done! Thanks!
  13. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    Come on guys, one more person is all we need to get this show on the road. The mass amount of people that have upgraded to ST or big power twins with AT transmission are going to need this, all it takes is pushing the power of your cars once to find out how weak these transmissions are in stock form compared to the power were trying to achieve.
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  14. AndersS

    AndersS Lurker

    Hi Jason and PD.
    Im not sure about the timeline in all this.
    If I sign up now. Is it realistic to receive the transmission, no later than May 10. ?
    Thing is, I live in Denmark/Europe, and the shipping cost is for a transmission is crazy, I do have a special opportunity to get it shipped cross the atlantic, but only close to this date.
    I think that I will buy a used 6hp21 transmission on eBay.com and get it delivered to PD
    I need to buy a converter to,right?
    Are there any difference in the transmissions between 2007-2011? I have
    a 2010 335I E91 N54 (Not XI)
  15. HI. If you were to sign up today, you'd be the 10th spot which means after I collected the 50% down payments from all of the GB members, I could launch mass production of the clutches and bushings. There is still a 90 day production lead time (worst case) which means we'd be cutting it close to your May 10th deadline. I could try to expedite the production process a bit but there would be no guarantees.

    There is no difference in those transmissions, however, since your car is 2009+, you will need to reset the EGS module using WinKFP/NCS Expert after install to reactivate your paddle shifters. Yes, the transmission will also need to arrive with a torque converter since it will get upgraded as well.

    Let me know what you'd like to do. You can also email me directly at [email protected]
    Thanks again for your interest.
  16. AndersS

    AndersS Lurker

    Hi Jason.
    It sounds very promising - if all 10 guys pay quickly..:D

    Have you thought about some kind of a deadline for our payment. I remember a thread on n54tech.com where it took some time before the last person had paid.

    And yes, - please add me to the list. :)
  17. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that's 10!
  18. At this point I am 50/50 on doing this or going to a 6spd manual. My preference would be to stay with the autos and dig deeper into the 10's! But I am openly a little bit skeptical (I am one of the suckers that purchased a VB from LV10). Will you be offering any type of warranty with this (since this would no longer a Beta)?
  19. Added :)
    I'll begin requesting deposits now.
  20. Yes, there is a 1 year warranty from the time you receive the transmission.