Technical Pure Stage 2 on High Elevation altitude

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Jan 22, 2018
Hi Everyone,
So the PS2 turbo is known to have some issues on high boost targets, and I believe it also affects other hybrid or bigger turbos for N55 on the market.
Fact: High Elevation = Lower air density = less air getting into the cylinders

I was wondering what a realistic boost expectation was for the PS2. Im at 5000ft and the PS2 turbo is maxed out at 22 psi and tappers down to 18 ~ 19 psi.

If there are other people running this turbo at a high elevation and only making the same boost as me, then I will stop hunting for boost leaks. So far I've done 3 or 4 boost leak tests by pressurizing the intake tubing from the turbo intake feed. Already changed twice the intercooler couplers with t-clamps, boost solenoid is brand new, etc. WGDC is still maxed out to 100% above 5000 RPM.

I would like to hear from other people, maybe people from Colorado who have similar elevation levels as I do here in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Thanks in advance,


Nov 23, 2018
I just got through 4 months of headaches trying to figure out why I was not hitting targets on my PS2. Last night I noticed that the vacuum line from my exhaust flap was disconnected, causing a pretty significant leak and rendering my PCV system ineffective. After connecting it I was able to hit targets with a much more reasonable taper. So check your vacuum lines and make sure that's not it.

I am in Denver so 5-6K in elevation, although my target is only 16 PSI. I know that I have no boost leaks as the last shop tested for them up to 21 PSI. This should be the first thing you verify, as 100% WGDC at 5K RPM surely points to a boost leak. To hit my target tapering down to 13 at redline, my WGDC gets to 70% at the highest. I also overboost to 17-18 on tip in, so clearly there is a lot of room.

Ambient pressure here is around -2.5 PSI, which you have to take into account. Given that these turbos max at around 25 or so PSI at sea level, 22-23 seems like a reasonable peak given the lower density air.
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Twisted Tuning

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Oct 25, 2016
New York
COnsidering at sea level the PS2 is on average good for 22-24psi up top. I'd say you're doing very good at 19psi at your elevation @ganque . But take care overspinning the turbo up that high. Because to make that 19psi you're probably working it harder than the 22-24psi at sea level.