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questions regarding logs..

Discussion in 'N54' started by AzNdevil, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. mhd stage2+ 93 map
    3rd-4th gear on a flat road... is this flatlining/shift bog?

    3rd-4th gear but i ran into traffic so i backed off on 4th and accelerated again
    4th gear is going up hill...is this preemptive timing drop or am i really knocking?

    mhd stage2+ 91 map
    3-4-5 gear...4/5th on uphill
    timing seems a lot better in the log but even with my suspicions above, the 93map is faster

    also...it seems my lpfp dips to a little over 50psi at high revs... time to get a new one?
    anything else i am missing? thanks
  2. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    Logs look ok- how old are your spark plugs and which do you run?

    I don´t know if it is bogging, but corrections could be less- no it is not knocking, it corrects before knock is occuring! Could be solved with changing plugs or having better fuel.

    LPFP is ok, i don´t see anything bad...50 is the minimum.

    I would change the plugs to new NGK´s gapped to 0,55mm than log again.. Besides i wouldn´t to anything, some corrections are ok. How is the weather in hong kong?
  3. thanks frontside... i just wanted more people to take a look and comment to see if what i think is right

    i am running the new ngk 5992 plugs from bms gapped to 0.022" as per everyones' suggestions... 5000km old
    unfortunately... fuel is all the same here labeled as 98 ron

    hong kong weather... ~18-20C today and 89% humidity... it was a little cooler when i got the logs but the humidity is pretty much the same
  4. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    Ok 18-20C..
    Your IAT rises up to 47C, i think on 45 the DME uses tables for correcting ignition...With these temp´s a few timing corrections are usual- if you would flash the OEM Map the corrections would look the same....

    Plugs are good, what about coils? If they are like 100k Km old, changing them is also recommended...
    If they are new too i wouldnt mind the few corrections...Important for the corrections is that they recover fast. As a guideline you say if 3 cylinders are correcting over 3 degrees it would be better to have a lower timing map, cause it would mean you have more power. But the corrections in your case seem to be temperature related. What FMIC do you have?
  5. How much E85 are you using?
    What Fueling Modifications have you done?
  6. vrsf 7" hd intercooler + vrsf 3" catless downpipe... ~93 oct/98 ron pump gas...
    no alternative fueling in my area to test and see if i am hitting the octane limit :(
    stock coils stock lpfp/hpfp...no idea how long ago they were done....
  7. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    I just read that you are running the vrsf one....that is very odd, cause your IAT is bad for the big intercooler :-(. Good Info for me, cause i thought about swapping my IC for a VRSF one, but after seeing your log it´s like i thought before: You can mount the biggest intercooler, but when running stage 2 boost levels in hot temp´s you´re going to have IAT problems..

    Did you rework the fan shroud so that the air can flow better through the intercooler? You should do it.

    You do not need to think about your LPFP/HPFP, the rail and LP look both good. Try putting in new coils, maybe it helps a little bit. If not just run it like this and look if you can rework anything around your IC for Flow. Don´t worry too much your logs look normal, Turbos look healthy, trims are ok etc.
  8. Well...it's 30C down from the stock intercooler running a Stage 1 map already...
    Log from friend's car ~25C ambient

    The fan shroud doesn't even sit on the intercooler after installation....
    i didn't really look at it closely but it doesn't seem to be an installation error as the hoses on both sides are all the way in already
    if i need to move the intercooler up i will need to trim the hoses and some other bits as well

    i need to grab some logs from another friend's car to see if the problem is with the intercooler itself or just high IATs in general (got a CP-E intercooler and a ETS 5" stepped on two other friends' cars)

    also.. my meth kit is on the way, hopefully i have time to install in at the end of January...

    these logs also makes me wonder if i will benefit more from less boost and more timing...or a custom tune

  9. Well... Just as a safety measure and for reliability. I would strongly recommend upgrading to a stage 2 LPFP even though you are not running E85. Dropping below 60 shows signs of age and wear on the stock LPFP.

    Mine usually stays at 65+ using E85 so on pump gas that's a sign that it's not as strong as it once was.

    Also, looks like the LPFP is putting more work on the HPFP.

    Was looking over your log while typing this so sorry if I'm all over the place. But, You're running SUPER rich through a lot of it. You're AFR is staying around 11 - 12 versus the usual 13-13.7. Could be part of your IAT issue. but, Honestly your IATs don't look terrible considering the amount of gears you went through.

    Do you have a log of just 3rd gear WOT from 2500 - 6500+?
  10. Sorry in advance on double post.

    Look at your friends LPFP. THAT IS A HEALTHY FUEL PUMP! :D

    Does, MHD run super rich by default? o.o
  11. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    1st log looks good other then some post shift timing drops. Sure a tuner can get those worked out. LPFP is fine, HPFP looks fine, fuel trims look good. The methanol kit will get rid of timing drops.

    Side note: Those VOLKS!
  12. let me get one tonight...~8 hours or so
    do you want a hot one or cold one? i can get the iat to skyrocket in a few pulls back to back....

    my lpfp is only a few psi lower than my friends log with a stage 1 map ;) but he has replaced his lpfp and hpfp twice already

    from other logs ive seen on e90post...11-12 afr seems to be the norm... wouldnt 13-13.7 be too lean?

    hey rg! im thinking of doing a map myself eventually since i will need to lean the afr out after i install the meth kit but i need to find time.... then get a tuner to do a map and put them on the dyno for comparison

    there are more goodies in the garage ;) some killerb exhaust manifolds...garret turbos... for the owner's subbie
  13. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    Please be careful when comparing AFR´s when running with or without E85!!!
    Your AFR is totally fine- these are values where you are able to WOT all the time without having EGT Problems to say it in simple words... You track the car quite frequently so i would definitely not run too lean at all!

    So I wouldn´t lean the AFR out- With meth you will get the few timing corrections in control, maybe you can run a few more degrees in advance.... Problem is your fuel doesn´t seem to be the best. You have a little bit concerning boost left on the table, maybe timing also- just get a custom tune, but don´t expect wonders. Without changing your knock factors you won´t really get that much more timing without more correction. And changing it means more risk
  14. ok here are the logs...
    MHD Stage 2+ 93oct map, shift bog enabled
    3 pulls back to back (3-4 gear)
    my thoughts... looks fine but some post shift timing pulls
    4th can be ignored as i ran into traffic...5th is a big pull with an uphill end
    my thoughts...some timing drops but looks better than the long pull on bef backend

    jb4 BEF map log with zeroed out timing IAT correction table (boost tables is used as well), shift bog disabled
    my thoughts: leaner AFRs did drop the IAT a little.. but the boost is ~2-3 psi lower but timing is ~2-3 degrees more advanced..
    the car pulls timing like crazy in 5th, load requested doesnt

    unfortunately i still havent worked out the wgdc tables..
    not what i am used to looking at but i can make the AFR richer to see if it will get rid of the timing pulls on the BEF map

    what do you guys think? i will be back in a few hours... its 3:24AM here and i have to work tomorrow ;)
  15. mt_n54

    mt_n54 Lurker

    Is traction control off?

    Please add to logs:

  16. bump...!