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Quick question about the sway bar

Discussion in 'N54' started by buster84, May 13, 2018.

  1. buster84

    buster84 Corporal

    335 bmw xdrive
    As most of you know I'm reinstalling my turbos. I've been going slow as to double check everything now I'm at the point I'm raising the subframe back up and I'm struggling to keep it in line and I'm starting to think it's because of the sway bar.

    I've attached a photo of what I'm talking about. The sway bar is sitting on the lower bar (don't know the name) and it's happening on both sides and I'm not sure if this is normal because the car is lowered and has ast suspention? If not what would be the simplest way to fix this? Where does it normally sit, in front or behind the black bar? I've never done suspension which is why I'm asking for help :)

    Or is it like this because of the subframe is down?

    20180513_103604.jpg 20180513_103547.jpg


    Nevermind after I got the subframe up (was hell alone) it's not longer touching so I got my answer :)
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  2. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Sergeant

    Z4 35is, 535xi, X5 35i
    I have an oil pan gasket to change on my 535xi and on the X5.

    My QuickJack will raise the cars about 17". Part of my apprehension on doing it myself is wondering if I have enough room to lower the subframe enough to get it down, and still be able to move around enough to get the oil pan out. And be able to get the handjacks under it to raise/lower it as in your photo.

    Any comments on how high/low the lift needs to be to be able to work on it?
  3. buster84

    buster84 Corporal

    335 bmw xdrive
    I'm not sure how high I raised mine. I used s jack to life it on 4 jack stands then I used two 2x4's on my jack to increase the height to almost the top click on my jacks. This gave me plenty of room to lower the subframe. For the oil pan, if you have small hands you might be able to avoid dropping the subframe. You mostly need to pull the front axel to get to the pan. I'm not sure if the downpipes need to be removed to achieve that since I never changed my oil p an gasket (previous owner already did 10k miles ago otherwise I would have).

    If I had to guess i would say my jacks maxed out at 1.5feet which was enough room for me. I'm also a small guy, 150lbs to that did help.
  4. dyezak

    dyezak Captain

    Plano TX
    I think I had my car around 20" up and had AMPLE room. 17" shouldn't be an issue.
  5. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Sergeant

    Z4 35is, 535xi, X5 35i
    Thanks guys. Guess I will give it a go.

    In the queue for oil pan leaks:
    '07 335i
    '12 X5 35i
    '08 535xi

    '08 335i - not yet! (may have been done previously)
    '11 Z4 35is - not yet!

    For 20 years never a drop of oil on my driveway - now it looks like the exxon valdez was in my drive.