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RB external PCV setup

Discussion in 'N54' started by TurboMike, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

  2. I personally have it, I have not ran it yet but think it is absolutely necessary if you have any form of upgraded turbos. The CCV system on this car was not designed for the amount of boost we are pushing.
  3. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    What are the other options? Does @AD-ENG have a kit for this? Seems like Andy had something like that?
  4. klooney

    klooney Specialist

    I would highly recommend this kit
  5. Andy has a similar kit. It is a flapper delete fitting and a delete on the PCV valve. All of this would run to his amazing catch can that mounts to the strut bar. Look on his site for the fittings and kit. I think he is currently out of one of his fittings but could be wrong. I got the fittings for the RB external catch for free when I bought my new head otherwise I would have considered Andys solution.
  6. DirtKurt

    DirtKurt Private Vendor

    I've been running the rb external pcv with head ports tapped and plugged since the spring. It works extremely well and keeps the correct vacuum on the crankcase during cruise and idle. It catches oil at a rate of about 4 times to the bms boost side can which I am also running.
  7. Torgus

    Torgus Corporal

    I have it. It's fine but haven't put many miles on it. Install is not too bad, good excuse to do your VC & enlarge your BOV line to 1/4'' while you are in there. Kit fit fine, no install issues or anything unexpected.
  8. randamjam

    randamjam New Member

    I use this kit on my 145k n54, works wonders! I drive 1k+ trips at least once a month, this really helps from excess carbon build up on the valves.
  9. I want this on my car but want it all in braided line with AN fittings, is that a possibility? Sorry, I'm trying to currently swap my BMS OCC over to hard line and ANs too. My ocd wants it all to match!!!
  10. Erichale77

    Erichale77 Sergeant

    Clearwater, FL
    07 E92 coupe
    Thats what i did. Except for hard line. Just braided with dual mishimoto cans. Two lines in pic are now braided. IMG_0234.jpg
  11. So I need to tap my cans for the fittings annnnnd help me out here please sorry lol
  12. brecken

    brecken Private

    No just use NPT to AN adapters
  13. brecken

    brecken Private

    for the BMS can to work yes you would have to tap it. I would just get a different one
  14. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    Because of all the great feedback I will be placing my order shortly. Already ordered the CC from Amazon
  15. Rob@RBTurbo

    [email protected] Specialist Vendor

    We've had these kits in production for over a year now and the only complaint seems to be the lack of catch can adapter for a cleaner install (which we understand but have not had the time to produce). Other than this the feedback has been excellent and everyone seems to be very content and some elated. Up until recently we haven't even had the moment to add them to the website but they are there finally :)
    (FYI we are out of stock currently and another batch is currently being machined)
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  16. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    Well you have an order coming from me here soon. Any other cool R&D going on over there?
  17. Which one would you recommend?
  18. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54

    What is the "Throttle body adaptation assembly" in the kit? The PCV delete?
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
  19. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    Trying to wrap my head around this kit, maybe someone who understands it better can chime in.
    This kit has a flapper delete which is the lower valve of the 2, correct? Comes with an adapter to allow decel venting to a catch can which then plugs in to.... the throttle body? So the pressure vent valve stays in place routed to catch can/VTA whatever, correct?
  20. The RB kit does not have a flapper delete. Use the BMS or AD-E kit for that side. The RB kit externalizes the PCV to a catch can and pulls vacuum using the throttle body adapter which is included. You would VTA on the flapper side with the BMS or AD-E kits.
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