RB N54 High Flow Oil Drains - Buyer advice


May 16, 2017
I have MMP gen 1 turbos and my car is a xDrive chassis. I installed the hf drains couple years ago and I had to grind my rear motor mount bracket a bit to get the rear drain to fit. As for the front, I had clearance issues like those that have mentioned here. I was able to make it work, but it was super tight. I pushed the adaptor as for as I could and hammered the front line a bit to clear it better. I did not flatten it, just more so oval shaped it. Had no issues with leaks. I do wish that Rob would have included 2 button head screws for the block adaptors. xi/xdrive you have to remove the oil pan or carrier housing to get the front drain tube bolt out. Im going to source one myself when I go back together this time.

Now 2 years later as stated in my previous post I had to cut the rubber hose to get my turbos off. It was so hard it would not flex. To remove.
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