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Discussion in 'N54' started by Cheezy, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. I noticed that there wasn't a thread for people to post logs and get feedback so now I'm making one. Feel free to drop a log (;)) and give feedback.

    Here's my most recent Log.
    Muffler Delete
    Vacuum Canister Delete
    MHD stage1+
    Outside temp ≈40°f
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  2. Looks pretty clean, Wish it would display the actual ignition values like the JB does but, overall looks okay to me.


    What other mods are you looking into?

    Looks like a good FMIC would do some good. Even my stock FMIC will only raise 2-3 degrees from a pull.. Yours went up almost 20.
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  3. Yeah I'm gonna win the raffle here ;) haha if I don't I'll buy one. Ideally I would like DPs and be full bolt on but idk if I want to go that far. Definitely gonna do a stage2 lpfp and stay stock turbo until they die.
    Edit: With that being said, do you have any guess as to why my throttle won't open beyond 81%?
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  4. Honestly your LPFP looks really healthy. You could probably get away with 3-4 gallons of e85. You could probably hit 16psi at least with that.

    This time of year I have found the LPFP to be the wiser investment. I run E35-E40 and it makes a world of difference but, that's about my limit due to the HPFP limitations
  5. So ive been running vacuum Canister delete for a few months now and I just sanded the bracket and spray painted it because it's was rusty. I'm going to put them back in tomorrow and do another log. If you noticed before I go full pedal my cars in a vacuum but the target is zero. I'm going to see if the canisters regulate that or not. If none of this makes sense and I sound stupid call me out on it because I honestly have no idea what those things do.
  6. Sorry I haven't made good on my promise to post another log to find differences in vacuum canisters vs no vacuum canisters. My OFHG is gone and I'm trying not to drive it, especially flat out for a log, until I get it to the shop. I'm not too fond of spraying my belt, pulleys, and alternator with oil.
  7. No worries man, Safety first! (And cleanliness)

    Why did you delete the Vacuum Canisters btw? o.o
  8. Well first off I was originally going to sand and paint it because it was UGLY. Then I did some research and found that it's supposedly useless unless your altitude is something insane like 5000+ ft. My altitude is about 600ft above sea level. So I deleted it, saved about 1lb weight and did a few logs and didn't notice anything different. But one day I started paying attention to before the log starts and I wasnt hitting zero(target) if you review the log above you will see that too. I'm not sure why it's under but my only guess was the canisters. I have no codes except 2ded power management stand by current control and as far as I know that has no real effect on the car and just comes and goes. So long story short, I deleted them because internet said there were no repercussions and weight reduction.
  9. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Vacuum canisters help regulate the vacuum pressure when off boost and tip I'm throttle.

    So while you have bypassed this, the vacuum now has a slight inconsistent pulse on and off throttle.

    Have you noticed any jumpy or laggy behaviour? It's hard to really nail down since alot of times change the PWM cycles but most have said to retain the vacuum canisters.

    Then again, I'm one of those above the 5000ft elevation so this may not apply to you at sea level.
  10. Here's my newest log with vacuum canisters. Sorry it took so long to finally get here. Also I hate datazap's UI. One quick question for those of you more experienced, my throttle never opens past 81% and I don't think it ever has since I've been logging, is this typical or could it be a sign of bad carbon build up? #walnutblastready
  11. Not something typical.. mine stays at 100 and will dip only down into the 90s at WOT

    Do you have a stock chargepipe and DVs?
  12. Nope, BMS CP with tial q50
  13. Do you remember seeing anything odd when you replaced those? Like, did you look in the throttle body?
  14. Not that I remember. Just a lil blow by oil
  15. 81% throttle position is the highest that MHD reads from what I have heard. Not sure the reasoning, but 81% is WOT
  16. Thank goodness, cause I was going to be pissed if I was losing 19% throttle
  17. New log for s.n.g. 35-150mph. This was literally 1 minute after a 65-150 run. I'm a little concerned with the timing corrections up top but so far I've only correlated it to octane. I don't trust my current lpfp to push e25 or else I'd test it. I need to stop beating the piss out of my car. Please let me know if you see any that concerns you or seems like an irregularity. Thanks for your interest.