Rumor: 2020 G30 520d might be the first with a 48v electrical system

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Oct 18, 2016
According to BMWBLOG:

“We have different strategies than our competitors, Fröhlich said. “They started with the first generation of the 48V systems. First of all, these were quite expensive, around 2,000 euros. It was a 8-10kW alternator, sluggish so the fuel consumption benefit was very low. You couldn’t use the torque cause it wasn’t any relevant torque available. It also offered things like very air conditioning quality, very good Start/Stop systems, but is this a good value to the customer?”

“Generation 2 means that I double the electric power. I’m going to 20kW and instead of going to the belt motor alternator, I will go into the transmission. So we are partnering with ZF and at the beginning of the next decade, we will have the latest generation transmissions. We will not only have double the power, but also an integrated 48-volt system and because it’s behind the engine, we can do some crawling and some other things without using the engine. And the other thing is, that it has boost!”

It sounds like the BAS(Battery Alternator Starter) concept is being tossed in future Mild Hybrid designs for the technology integrated directly into the transmission. This is actually poor news for anyone looking to modify their vehicle but it does provide its benefits. Mercedes has gone with a 48v electrical unit between the engine and transmission for a couple of years now.