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Sharp Customs N54 Sheet Metal Port Injection Intake Manifold: Testing and Future Review!

Discussion in 'N54' started by Snelson3003, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Hey Guys (and gals? )

    So I was in contact with Marcus @Sharp and we had some great conversations about using my car as the test mule for their new offering of the N54 Port Injection Manifold. Marcus was kind enough to send me a sample of the manifold as is. So we can expect this for now to be a DIY port injection kit which to me is a lot of fun! Picking the fittings and how you want it to layout is an adventure but I will post all the parts I test/buy so if you want a build like mine you can follow this thread. :)

    My end game is to DIY this setup myself. Having a great deal of knowledge in the N54 platform I will post my progress as it comes. Its winter(and Christmas is coming) here in Denver but i am excited to get this functional and running. After the install and tuning, I will be running this on the Dyno to show what its capable of. 3 runs using SAE corrections SF of 5.

    Included was:
    (1) Intake Manifold
    (1) Fuel Rail
    (6) O-rings - these seem like universal O-rings... Will order the flat OEM ones just in case...
    **Will add the rest after I open the connections packing**

    Port on the Manifold are:
    **will update once a measure the ports**

    Initial impression was this is actually a very nice piece of work. Welds are seamless and have a decent depth, none of the welds are chunky or even slightly off. Exterior is flawless with no running or dings/scratches etc. I cant wait to see how this looks in the car since we all despise the plastic finned crap that came with the N54's. Sharp Customs does powder coating mainly so i believe Marcus plans to make these come in colors of your choice for an added cost.

    The actual rail is MEATY and fairly heavy too. The holder for the rail (its to clips that hook the rail down) measure about 40mm from the port which means these are the 3/4 size injectors needed. The little stubby ones are too short FYI.

    Packing was very good, in transit i wouldn't expect anything to be concerning.

    I still need to take measurements, get the 6AN fittings, hoses and injectors for this. I ordered the fittings last night which are below. So you can see what this DOES NOT include.

    Jegs Order
    QTY Item Cost

    2 2 361-809106 FTG -6 90 TUBE SWIV SEAL 17.76 35.52
    1 1 361-926106 -6 I FEMALE AN SWIVEL 17.06 17.06
    1 1 555-103120 FUEL RAIL FTG. 6AN X 5/16 8.95 8.95
    1 1 198-37418 BLUE THREADLOCKER 242 6ML 8.99 8.99
    2 2 555-100403 3/8"NPT PIPE PLUG BLUE(2) 4.41 8.82
    1 1 Spectre Performance 6038 4pk 1/8" NPT Pipe Plug 5.89
    1 1 361-176106 O-RINGS VITON -6 PK OF 10 3.56 3.56
    1 1 361-991912 FTG -6 TO -8 RDCR UNION 5.68 5.68
    1 1 799-640860 -6ANX5/16SAE FEM LT4 BLUE 18.99 18.99
    1 1 555-100910 #6 HOSE PRE-CUT 3-FEET 14.99 14.99
    1 1 361-939206 FTNG -6 45 SWIVEL COUPLER 12.38 12.38

    ECS Tuning Order:
    1 1 11617547242 OEM BMW Intake Runner Gasket 34.72
    1 1 13547582931 Throttle Body Gasket 9.08

    **12/02/16 Will update as i progress!!**
    SC Runner inside 1.jpg SC TB Inside.jpg SC Mani Bottom Ex.jpg
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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I'm curious how this turns out
  3. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Me too! I was honest with Marcus, if this is a great piece then it will fly off the shelf. If this is a nightmare, then everybody will be happy that nobody got one and spent the $$.

    Initial impression is that this is a well done piece. But once i get the fittings in, and my old manifold off, i will see how it installs and if there are any leaks. I got the OEM TB oring coming and the intake runner orings on its way to ensure I dont get stuck on that step when it comes.
  4. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Sorry for the delay guys, wife family had a family member pass away over the weekend which took my time to measure the supplied connections and also take better pictures of the mani. Hoping to get some of this done tonight. Also my order for the AN fittings arrives Tuesday and after that my injectors and JB4 harness should come in.

    Slow due to shipping taking forever courtesy of the holidays ugh!
  5. Sorry for your loss, My condolences. Thanks for keeping us updated.
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  6. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Thanks man i appreciate that!

    So an update folks. I am still figuring out the injectors to run in this mani. While the usual are the Bosch 550cc EV14 3/4 size injectors it appears this manifold isnt able to accept them. Talking to BKC in China (its hard since its not fluent sentences) they are using the M54 220cc Injector which has the extended tip style and the EV1 connection.

    I am going to need to get the EV1 -> EV6 adapters to fit the SS/JB Controller.

    Those who are knowledgeable: What are your thoughts?

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  7. This sounds like it is getting interesting now.
  8. A4RingedONE8T

    A4RingedONE8T Specialist Vendor

    Odd, an injector without the extended tip would be a no go then, as the spray pattern won't be anywhere close to the intake port. 220cc really isn't much, and doubtfully enough to be any gain here. Those that are using P/I are using what duty cycle on the 550's to make what power?

    Not a huge increase over the M54, but the Bosch injectors from a MK1 225hp Audi TT are 380cc and also have the lengthened tip. Might be another option over the M54, if that's even enough flow (based off duty cycle of 550's). I'm sure there are others, probably more OE app than aftermarket.

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  9. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Thanks for the info!

    And yes I've found some 42LB injectors from an M54 that have been refitted to have OEM fit to the original 22lb injector. It appears the Audi world uses these as you mentioned.

    I'm going to pick these EV1 42lb injectors up and luckily for those watching this thread can be had for about $170 for all 6.

    Compared to the $350-400 for the EV6 Bosch 550cc's.

    This should meet the needs for most people running above average boost levels. For those needing more fueling you can buy the uprated 600-800cc injectors too. But those cost alot as well.

    My goal is to max out my VTT Stage 1's I have around 23 psi via PI.
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  10. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    So my math for "add ons" are as follows.

    6AN fittings/hoses/bungs etc: $150
    Ev1 Seimens ET 440CC Injectors : $170
    JB Controller: $300
    JB Slave Chip: $15
    TB and Mani Orings: $50

    Total DIY Cost: $685 so far.

    Considering the next FULL manifold PI kit costs about $1899 I feel like so far this is a great inexpensive kit.

    But this could all be for nothing since the install hasn't even happened yet. LOL.
  11. Good luck man, please keep us posted!!!
  12. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    IMG_2723JPG.jpg IMG_2724JPG.jpg IMG_2726JPG.jpg IMG_2751JPG.jpg IMG_2753JPG.jpg IMG_2754JPG.jpg IMG_2761JPG.jpg IMG_2762JPG.jpg IMG_2763JPG.jpg Alright guys here is some updated pix showing the welds up close, what comes with the kit, the AN fittings i had to purchase to Y off the HPFP line, fuel rail, and the internal images of the mani/rail.
  13. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    When do you expect to install it?
  14. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Honestly looking at the weather in Denver and the fact I'm out of town for a week Dec 19-26th it maybe until end of December or before 19th.

    I've ordered all the needed parts but still waiting on shipping. It's freakishly slow :(
  15. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Also my BMW is in the shop DEC 15th for a new HPFP.

    So I can't install until that is done since it's a warranty item. They'd freak if they saw a PI manifold lol.
  16. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    So currently your looking at $685 with you piecing the kit together. An that would be with lesser flowing injectors which should be fine. Price of the manifold is what? Also is shipping included in your prices for the piecing of parts and manifold?
  17. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    The usual EV14 Bosch 550cc injectors can be had for about $48/ea so it's not a big deal to upgrade them. For my power goals I'm just using the 42lb injectors since it's the exact ones used by the manufacturer for their testing.

    Shipping is not included but I only paid shipping from BMS which was $14 for their shipment.

    Manifold price is not known to me at this time, but Marcus @Sharp is willing to do a group buy for those interested. :)
  18. This is looking good. I just went DOCRace 6266 and was only planning on doing TBI since I'm not trying to push on e85 and only want to pump gas street car that's easy to drive. But that's 600 dollars. If this works out and fitment is good I might actually go this route. We will see... you always get what you pay for.