She's going sleep for the winter

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Dec 14, 2016
Hudson, WI
Today I flashed my 93 map, filled with 93 & added some sta-bil, did a couple of WOT pulls to get the E85 flushed out of the PI line/rail/injectors, gave her a bath and over inflated the tires a bit. My neighbor has an empty garage stall where the 335 will nap for the winter. I've gotten so used the E85 map that the car felt sluggish @ 18psi. :) In the spring after driving the 2007 Ford Escape for a few months I bet that 18psi will feel like a rocket.

Over the winter I hope to get my hands on a built transmission, at 91k miles mine isn't happy under substantial load.


Oct 18, 2016
Its always nice to have a fresh perspective! I remember when 18-19 PSI felt violent, in fact it still kind of does with an open dump. Luckily for me, this is prime time! Reminds me, I should really try to put more than 100 miles on the car in 2018...And drain out the E85 that has been in there for a few months....And change the Brad Penn oil I never used...gawd.


Nov 6, 2016
FWIW I have never used stabil and have been overwintering cars in MA for 15+ years. Never once had an issue. I don't even top the gas tank off usually or over inflate the tires. I know I should, I am just saying I don't and they live fine on a trickle charger only from my experience.

I will say I had the same experience with my N54 on stock turbos FBO etc. Come spring it would feel fast again and then by fall it felt slower if that makes sense. What was nice was the 4 month break the winter gave which held off my desire for more power. if the stock twins would of held boost and not throw 30FF I would have kept them.

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