Small example of why GC Lites are the best Sub $3000 hybrid option on the market

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  1. Tony@VargasTurboTech

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    A customer placed an order online for some lites, LPFP upgrade, Single Barrel, and some repair work that a previous shop had made a little mess of some stuff.

    Car specs:
    2007 E90 N54 6MT
    Spec Twin Disc (customer never wanted to address clutch again even if he goes for more power)
    VTT GC Lites turbos
    VTT Single Barrell Shotgun
    PFS Dual Shot LPFP (Dual 450's)
    Delphi Coils from Amazon
    NGK 5992's gapped to .020
    Pump E85 with about an E75 mixture
    VTT Silicone inlets ($100 with GC order)
    VTT Silicone Charge pipe ($100 with GC order)
    Generic V8Bait tune taken from another build we did.

    That's about it. No aux Fueling, no external controllers to program, the DME controls the entire party. Yes, we were running out of fuel on the top end (expected with this power on a Single Barrel, we only rate them to about 550WHP on E85), but Rail pressure never dips below 1400PSI or so, a small drop in Ethanol % should bring it back up.

    Results. 600-615WHP/615-650WTQ on an easy 25 psi

    The big draw of the lites is the response.

    Lets take a look at that. (Keep in mind this is on the dyno with no load)
    2000RPM - 350WTQ
    2500RPM - 500WTQ
    3000RPM - 600WTQ

    This is unmatched by ANYONE in this market. Any manufacturer who claims to match it, we would love to see the dynos for it. We are actually bringing in the load slowly down low to keep TQ at bay so we don't pretzle these stock rods. Log showing boost request 19-22 psi midrange, 25 psi up top. These turbos simply outperform anything close to them in the price range. Add a double Barrel or PI kit, and you could get in the 700WHP range pushing them hard up top!

    We could not be more pleased with the customer car, and he is gonna have a blast with it!

    Log is here: Final Crane Results.jpg Lites 350WTQ 2000RPM.jpg Lites 500WTQ 2500RPM.jpg Lites 600WTQ 3000RPM.jpg
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    Even that is scarey to me on a factory shortblock :dizzy:. All those torques :mad: :triumph: and those factory rods :eek::eek:. Did I do good with the emoticons? Hahaha.

    Seriously though that's incredible.
  3. dyezak

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    @[email protected] @[email protected] or @V8bait

    I'm not great at reading logs and this is a pretty good one to look at since the dyno is so clean but this is admittedly a relatively non-perfect tune. I *think* I see two things in this log:

    1. Mid range overboost (which is incredible) that caused a throttle closure around 3400-3500 rpm.

    2. Fuel showing STFT in the 2750-3900 rpm range up in the 20% range

    Are those the two things you would want to address in cleaning up the tune? What else jumps out that a novice should notice? I'm seeing a -6deg hit on Cyl4 timing too, perhaps a little timing massaging in order??

    I doubt addressing any of these items would net a cleaner dyno pull or more power, more of a drivability/safety thing correct?
  4. Tony@VargasTurboTech

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    Boost could be cleaned up slightly. Nothing is going to cause any issues there if left alone. Slight over boost

    STFT's in the midrange are normal, and in a good range. They usually go postive, and come down as the DME brings in fuel with boost.

    Car pulls timing in that hole every pull. Could be anything, hot spot on the piston, piece of carbon in there, etc. I pulled the plug, checked gap, etc. All looks fine. That cylinder is just a little unhappy. Common on these cars to be honest. Nothing really can be done there
  5. dyezak

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    Awesome Tony. You put these dyno charts up against most V8's and you'll have them green with envy with the low end torque. Hell, look at a c7 Z06 baseline:

    Your 3.0l I6 N54 with GC Lites is within spitting distance of a 6.2l V8 Supercharged engine. IN-SANE. It takes a v8 with a supercharger and double the displacement of the N54 to compare to these dynos. That should make people think...I know it makes me think.
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  6. Tony@VargasTurboTech

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    Yeah pretty eye opening to say the least!
  7. colo_evo

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    E90 335i MT
    Nice work!

    A friend just ordered gc lites. I'm excited to see how that car turns out.
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  8. The Banshee

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    2008 335xi coupe FBO MT
    Will these turbos last past 30k miles is the real question. Until then it's just a pretty dyno sheet. It is damn pretty though!
  9. all4bspinnin

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    Tony, that shotgun is a wonderful thing. The best part is that with some additional tuning from Justin, I think you'd see a few more.
  10. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Tire shredders. 600wtq at 3k is pretty nuts
  11. Abacus38

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    2007 Ti Ag 335i

    But does it make my d*** bigger doe :rolleyes:
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  12. Jlcn54

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    I thought these turbo's only do 650whp max?
  13. Tony@VargasTurboTech

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    A17BE6BB-C801-4A1A-AA07-B03312805BDE.png These have always been sold as 700WHP max effort turbos with better than stock spool.

    Taken from the website...
  14. Back when we wrung them out on a tired motor with 20% leakdown we "only" got ~650 whp, but the oilpan probably saw 50 hp lol. On a healthy motor they make awesome power.
  15. Blaster3500

    Blaster3500 Private

    Can't wait to get my single shotgun and be able to push my lites a little more! Thanks for posting.
  16. Tuppidsay

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    Seattle, WA
    2008 535i
    Ive driven a lot of turbo cars and nothing pulls like my car with gc lites. You usually get torque down low and no top end (stock n54 and especially n55) or shit tons of lag and then they sling shot (sti's, 300zx, etc). This car just pulls, and pulls, and pulls. Relentless power. Its unreal. I get the folks who do big single turbos but for a well behaved everyday street monster, gc lites hands down. Would love to have the simplicity of a shotgun and e85, but e85 stations are too few and far between around here so port injected meth gets the job done nicely.
  17. Tuppidsay

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    Seattle, WA
    2008 535i
    How much timing?
  18. dyezak

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    Plano TX
    The log was posted, you can see the timing there. 10deg fyi.
  19. aus335iguy

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    335i DCT 2009
    How do these go in less than ideal conditions like customer cars? How reliable are they?
  20. Rob09msport

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    2009 335i msport le mans blue
    This thread is about a customer car not shop car check post plus their is a 135 build overseas in this section of forum where he went from stage 1 hybrids to gc's