So does anyone run a single for track days?


Nov 6, 2016
And I mean circuit tracks, not drag racing. I am going to be in the market for some new turbos next year, and had been looking at upgraded twins. I don't think I've seen many (or any) reports on guys that track their car with a single.

Obviously a big single is good for drags and dyno numbers, but how do they compare to twins running extended sessions on the track?


Nov 5, 2016
Melbourne, FL
I want to do it. I feel that single setups are able to manage heat better regarding the oil temps. It takes my 6466 FOREVER to warm up; and I'm not running any kind of oil t-stat blocker, etc. I've the suspension for it. All I need is the brakes and some rear-end stuff.

I would never run the same kind of tune though, it'd have to be a tune dedicated to managing EGTs and IATs. So quite a bit lower boost and maybe even slightly more aggressive timing. I imagine that other than underhood heat mitigation, it will come down to the tune more than anything.

My 6466 spools quite fast. The torque ramp after 3k rpms or so will quickly overload the rear-end (getting LSD and other stuff to help mitigate that) even on 20psi. The transient response of these turbos and the smaller ones imo makes them ideal. Little boost loss between shifts and great response to throttle modulation.

I think you'd HAVE to run a twin-scroll setup at the least though on a top-mount. Or something that doesn't flow as well as a tubular equal-length header but still provides good response (like the Motiv log manifold).
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Oct 18, 2016
I've heard of people doing it, but they optimized more so around the 600whp range if I recall. You can do that with twins, but I'd suspect it would be more work on the engine.
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Nov 2, 2016
I plan on running the motiv kit for track (circuit) days. Just got the kit here and waiting to send the car to motiv for install. A nice set of coilovers, some upgraded brakes, and most important (in my opinion) tires will also help a ton... I cant wait to make some videos after the winter!