Speedtech Twin Scroll N54 bottom mount kit Released

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Nov 20, 2016
Pilsen, Czech Republic
EDIT: There will be an N55 version of this kit also!

Finally... Looking great, check out their web. Manifold is for 1000Usd.




2018-11-05 19_18_56-Window.png

  • Manifold/downpipe/dumppipe arrangement advantages:
    • Efficient flowpath with consistent boost control
    • Keeps wastegate cold-side in cool air for reliability and easy spring changes
    • Places O2 sensors in ideal location to keep sensor body temps down to prolong life and allow easy access for service.
    • Fewest joints and welds for leak free, trouble free operation
    • Provides ample clearance from all hot-side components
    • Allows use of stock motor mount isolator
multiple turbocharger options

Decisions, decisions…. Choose from over 20 options from the best turbo manufacturers. With both T3 and T4 manifolds, you have many options:
  • BorgWarner
    • SX-E 252, 257, 362, 363, 364
  • Garrett
    • G25-660, GT 3071R, 3076R, 3582R, GTW 3476JB, 3684R, 3884R, GTX 3071R GEN II, 3567R GEN II, 3582R GEN II, 4088R
  • Precision
    • 5976E, 6176E, 6776E, 5558, 5858, 5862, 6062, 6262, 6266, 6466, 6766, 6870, 6875

Factory Fit and Finish

Clean engine bay, keeping the heat down low and out of the way, just like the factory intended. Lots of room for a generous sized air filter (important to minimize pressure delta across filter, as small filters can create pressure drops and increased turbo bearing wear, shortening the life of your turbo). Note - it is possible to keep the coolant overflow tank in original location, we just prefer moving it to give a cleaner look, and allow more airflow on turbo side of engine.

Included In the complete Kit

  • Turbo of your choice (T3 or T4 from BW, Precision, Garrett)
  • Cast Exhaust Manifold (divided for twin scroll), non-ceramic or ceramic coated options, single wastegate port (fully divided), O2 bungs (N54 version)
  • TiAL MVR or Turbosmart Hypergate wastegate
  • Tig welded 3” stainless steel downpipe
  • Tig welded 1.75” stainless steel wastegate pipe
  • RH engine mount support bracket, for use with stock isolator to maintain vehicle NVH
  • Billet aluminum coolant manifold
  • Silicone coolant hose from pump to block/manifold
  • Stainless braided oil feed hose
  • Billet aluminum oil drain manifold, fitting, hose
  • Billet aluminum oil and coolant block fittings and plugs
  • Billet aluminum intercooler adapter (stock style connection)
  • Silicone inlet hose (turbo to air filter)
  • Silicone boost pipe (turbo to intercooler)
  • Billet aluminum stock airbox adapter (N55 E chassis only)
  • Aluminum intake tube with billet PCV fitting (N55 F chassis only)
  • Stainless steel V-band clamp
  • Required fasteners and hose clamps
  • Full instructions with pictures
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Aug 11, 2017
$2900"+". Seems the cheapest turbo is included at that price and up from there. Still on the fence about going single, but definitely want a bottom mount, smallish turbo and cast is good, so this might be an option. Any word on how long the intro pricing is expected to last?
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Jul 3, 2018
Definitely looks like a good setup and an excellent price. Even though I'm glad I stayed with twins despite having a high HP goal, I'm still glad to see an easily affordable single kit for people. Mostly because I think with more people having easy access to higher HP we'll start seeing the other things we need come quicker and cheaper, but I'm still happy for those of you who haven't upgraded yet :p
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