SpoolStreet Datagraphs 2.0


Oct 18, 2016
Hello everyone, I've been hard at work over the last few months fine tuning the new Datagraphing feature right here on SpoolStreet and it is now live for public consumption! Some of you may remember I announced this before but since then it has gone through a major re-write and is now what I consider the Gold standard in this category.

  • Incredibly easy to use on mobile, it is fluid. You'll find the chart is very responsive to touch and while manipulating the view
  • An API has officially been created and will be available to the public soon once MHD, BM3, JB4 and ProTool have added support. I have already sent the code samples to them and it is now just a matter of waiting. This is big, since you'll never need to login to another website in order to get your datalogs uploaded. It will be a seamless and integrated affair without leaving the App itself. This opens the door to making datalog management much easier!
  • You can edit a datalog and add/remove CSV files individually. So if you've uploaded a few logs and one is junk, you can remove only that file and replace it with a different pull, this prevents having a bunch of datalogs with lots of useless pulls.
  • Five CSV files can be uploaded at one time and if there is need, I can increase this amount with a click of a button.
  • Datalogs can be embedded directly into a post using BB code. This eliminates the need to browse away from the page in order to analyze a datalog.
  • We have removed some of the friction of using the service by making Guest uploads are possible. This means you can upload a datalog without even logging into the site at all. (Not yet enabled. Datalogs will be deleted after 10 days unless you link an account)
  • Screen real estate has been optimized so you get actionable data no matter the screen format.
  • Any series may easily be isolated to it's own Y axis by touching it once. This prevents parameters like rail pressure from smashing the other values into meaningless lines.
  • Three privacy settings: Public, Unlisted and Private. This means you can share datalogs with others without exposing them to everyone who has your username.
  • There is a Public Datalog directory where you can see all the recently uploaded datalogs which have a privacy of "Public".
  • Flash file version names have been hidden by default, so your revision numbers and other information may be kept private
  • Datalogs can be seen from your User Profile page so you can show off and share your public files
  • Server side data caching has been implemented so graphs will appear much faster after the initial upload. A more advanced version of this is being tested right now that speeds this up quite a bit and reduces server load so it should scale nicely.
  • You may click the "Toggle Width" button in the bottom left of the page to make the graph wide screen
  • Datalogs now have a view counter, upload categories and many (MANY) more features are planned.
You may view and upload datalogs directly by going to the Datalog section in the Navigation menu. You can copy the URL from those datalogs and share them like you are already familiar, nothing changed there. Additionally, when the privacy of your datalog is set to "Unlisted" or "Public" you'll also get an option to copy some BB code so you can paste it into your posts here on the forum to embed them inline as well.

Play with the example below, try clicking directly on the the 'rail pressure' series line and it will neatly go to it's own Axis:

Here is an example of the graphs using the Light and Dark themes:



Profile Page:

API Key section:

If you have any suggestions, feedback or even criticism, let me know as I'm constantly tweaking things to make them better! As for integration with your favorite tuning apps, you'll need to harass @jyamona, @PTF, @BimmerGeeks! and the JB4 app is in the planning phase with @[email protected] as well!

Please report any bugs you find, there will be some. I'm working on compatibility with as many CSV file types as possible.


Oct 18, 2016
Anyway to clip/trim lambda over a specific range?
Technically, sure. But that is very very specific and its easier to just pan the chart to the side so it doesn't include that portion. This brings the Y axis values down.


Oct 18, 2016
This is awsome. The only thing missing is an auto estimated dynl hp/tq numbers based on your log and car model :p
Man, I'd love to do lots of cool things like detecting issues and using highlight bars to point them out. There are a lot of things I want to do. I've opened a huge can of worms with this though so once I've gotten the new caching system and one other thing done I'm going to just put it on maintenance mode for the rest of the year.