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Start up advice

Discussion in 'N54' started by SingleTurboE92, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Ok everyone I will be turning the key finally on my car this week. The car had motor removed, head replaced, every gasket etc... The car has been offline for 6 months. I plan on uploading the single turbo flash and Needed tmap settings. Any other start up procedures or advice?
  2. Make sure your battery isn't dead/barely charged due to the time period!
  3. I have it on a trickle charger already, good advice though. Thanks!
  4. Idahospool

    Idahospool Specialist

    Sure ur already going to do this but ill state the obvious just in case. Pull the fuse for ur ekp so u can crank it over and build oil pressure before starting
  5. Thanks, I thought about that and forgot. I appreciate the reminder. I'm making a list because I am getting too excited to actually turn this car over this weekend....Its been down too long!
  6. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    If you relocated your coolant res make sure the hose running from it is at a downward slope. Keep us posted and good luck
  7. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    Prime the turbo. Disconnect the fuel pump fuse (#70) and push to start the car while keeping your foot on the brake. the car will crank but not start, let it crank for about 10-15 seconds. This will ensure oil gets pumped into and primes that new big boi turbo.
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  8. that's not a fool proof method, residual fuel can still try to make it start. Pull the injector plugs. ensure oil is in the filter. prime for 10-15 seconds after you confirm the oil filter housing is full of oil.
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  9. Thank you Alex, I thought about this method instead of fuses. With this car who knows. I assumed if I pulled the clips then there is guarantee no fuel.
  10. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    AH, it's been a minute since I did this, I forgot to mention, I also disconnect the coil packs. This makes sure no firing happens.