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B58 Status on DME Unlock/Bench Flash?

Discussion in 'B58, B48, B38' started by doublespaces, May 24, 2017.

  1. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I've heard that there are a few companies working on this, does anyone know the status or current situation on this matter? I really think there is quite a bit of potential with this engine, unless someone manages to get a standalone working its kind of come to a halt.
  2. bradsm87

    bradsm87 Corporal

  3. LamboLover

    LamboLover Corporal

    There will be people trying, but with the hardware security modules (HSM) in the new chips, they are taking security quite seriously. The HSM is a coprocessor on the die of the microcontroller that supervises many aspects that were previously open. If your software is not signed correctly, it won't run unless you find a vulnerability as the key sizes are too large to factor presently. The vulnerabiliy on F series MEVD17 doesn't sound like it applies to the MDG1. Even if you delid the processor and were able to read data, apparently it might only apply to that individual ECU due to unique keys. I did wonder about the prospect of removing the chip and replacing it with a new one where you could put in new security information. Even if you did that, who knows what authentication here is between that and the rest of the car.
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  4. cookiesowns

    cookiesowns New Member

    2010 535i ZHP6 + 2017 M2 6MT
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