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island road

Nov 21, 2016
It’s with great sadness I’m selling my SteedSpeed N54 manifold that I waited so long for. 4 years ago I won a raffle that allowed me a choose any SteedSpeed Manifold that I wanted. At the time I had a 335i, prior to winning I had reached out to Leen at SteedSpeed regarding finishing a manifold he had previously prototyped. He agreed to start the project up again after I won. It just so happened that Jake at Motiv also won the next raffle so both of us owning N54s really kicked started this project even more. During this I had been on constant communication with him. He teamed up with John at CES test out the manifold going though a few revisions to see the final product you see below. While I do own a N54 (E61) I no longer own a 335. I would love to build up my wagon with the manifold but its just a daily for me.

Now that you know the background I am unfortunately selling this beauty otherwise I would 100% be running it. If you know about SteedSpeed then you know his work in diesel world along with the E36/46 M3 designs.

I am listing the manifold at a starting point. I know the manifolds made are going to CES to build kits around. At the moment this is the only manifold in consumer hands as all others are going to John at CES.

The Manifold was designed to be used with the Garrett GTX Gen 2 line. Please see the link to read what John at CES saying about working with Leen on the design. CES Manifold details

No lowballs please

Listed for Sale:
Steed Speed N54 Mainfold Twin Scroll T4 Divided gate for Tial 44mm

Condition: Took it out of the box to take pics and view its glory

Price: $1300

Shipping: Buyer Pays

Paypal Fee: Buyer Pays

Local Pickup: Accepted

Reason Why Selling: See Above

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island road

Nov 21, 2016
Bump! - I lowed the price on the Manifold, while I wont be using it I would rather see it go to a good home and somebody that is going to use it to its full potential then sitting around collecting dust.

I spoke with John at CES and he is willing to sell the other hot side parts and fittings if you don't want to go a custom route. If you do go custom, most of all the fittings can be bought from other vendors on here the DP and dump tubes will require fabbing and possible engine mount (not sure).

Of course any questions feel free to shoot them my way!
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Free Vendor
Oct 18, 2016
Hang tight, once the dust settles I'm pretty sure someone will pick this up. I'd suggest someone combine this with a turbo with a custom welded outlet so you can point the compressor outlet downward and feed right over into the FMIC. At least, that is what I'd do if I bought this.