Steering wheel shake


Aug 3, 2017
Hi guys,
I've been having a hard time figuring out that steering wheel shake that plagued me for a long time now.
My steering wheel shake pretty badly from around 60mph to 80mph, slower or faster its barely noticeable.

Things i already checked:
Wheel alignment (car handles absolutly fine and its on train tracks)
Wheel/tire balancing
Warped rotors, no vibrations or brake pedal buzzing upon hard braking even at very high speeds (180mph)

I'm sort of out of ideas, i'm open to suggestions peeps.


Major General
Staff member
Aug 11, 2017
Bent wheel. Could be center bent - which means bent on axis versus the bend one typically thinks about along the ledge. You should swap wheels with someone, maybe, and see what happens.



just because its new doesn't mean it right.

Get a brick and jack up the car and smash every window, Joking

Put a chisel or screwdriver next to the rim around 1 mm off should suffice.

Spin the wheel and see if its out off whack, check all wheels inside and outside edge.

Grab the wheel top and bottom and see if there is any play up down and left right, repeat for all wheels to check for movement.

Thats the only thing that could cause the shake unless you have a bubble in one of your tyres, check that too
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