1M Teaser tuned S65 DCT powered 1m


I haven't got the details yet on the blower.

New Lithiumax 65ah 900ca battery arrived today for the extra load from the m3 fan.

Like the n54 uses the electric water pump to cool the motor the m3 electronics use the fan and it stays on for a good while
on a really hot day even when the car is switched off and locked.

So we decided to upgrade for now until the new 100ah lithiumax battery comes out in Feb/Mar 2021 for all the extra stuff I want to run eventually.

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Got to love uneducated journalism and the diarrhoea they write, they say the v8 weights 70kg more and
destroys the handling of the 1 series lol.

The v8 complete engine weights less then the n54 once all the bolt on are on, according to the weighbridge
my car with all the stock seats, brakes and a full tank of fuel weighs 31kg less than the n54 with the stock agm battery.

We had to revert everything back to stock for engineering to legally register the car otherwise it would have been even less.

Later on we will be engineering all the rest of our aftermarket parts.

The Convert

Jun 4, 2017
The car looks great Marty!

On the weight front, unless you weighed the motors alone, you could be wrong and still have a lighter car overall. The most important thing is that you enjoy the car, but if balance is super important to you, corner weight it and see what the front/rear, left/right distribution is and then just adjust your spring preload as needed to balance it out if needed.