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The debate: Should I do Inlets now?

Discussion in '3 and 4-Series' started by [email protected], Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Sup Spoolers,

    So, The debate on my mind is what goodies I'll get. Basically, I have money saved up for car parts and, with tax refunds around the corner I'm going to be dropping some case on the build! :D

    Budget: $1,200

    First things, First!
    Upgrading my flimsy OEM chargepipe (Finally). I am still debating between keeping the DV's or getting a BOV. I am more in favor of the BOV but, sticking with DVs could free up room for other upgrades.

    Upgrading my PCV Valve to the RB PCV Valve. Obvious enough as to why and, it's inexpensive.

    Flush and refill on the transfer case, to make sure we avoid wear on those.

    Oil Catch Can, So I can atleast slow down the time between walnut blasting. Overall this is "why not" thing to me.

    Overall this will cost about $800

    So, we now have $400 roughly to play with!

    I can either get the M3 Replica Front Bumper for the Sedan Pre-LCI (Impossible to find for the sedan, but found someone near me selling one)


    Inlets..I know this is going to be a PITA to install...
    But, I am more than willing to do it as, one of the guys at work has offered me a nice well lit garage to work in :D

    I know that pretty much everything I am doing is would be a good point to install the "Must Haves" so, do you guys think I should go ahead and suck it up and do it? Or should I put the money back and save up for other mods? I had planned on doing the FMIC closer to summer anyways as it will stay between 50-70 degrees where I am for a few more months (plenty of time to save for it)

    If so, What do you guys suggest far as for which inlets? What all tips and, or, what would be the easiest methods.

    Thanks so much for any replies and, all replies!

    - Derek
  2. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    F no. Trust me man, do inlets when/if you do turbos. That job is ball breaking, especially when you want to cut that rear bracket as insurance to not tearing a pipe. It literally is 5 more min of work when the turbos are off the car.
  3. I have heard mixed things about this one, Some say yeah do them if you can, some say do when you do downpipes, some say do when you do turbos.

    But, at the end of the day I'm not planning on getting new turbos until these blow and they only have 15k or less miles on them. :/ I have decided to keep my DPs in until after my next inspection because there will be a new daily in my house soon! (Fiance is getting an x3)

    Regardless, If I don't do inlets I'll go ahead and pick up the M3 Front Bumper and Wrap my roof :D
  4. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54

    Whomever told you do them with your downpipes, cross them off the "know what they are talking about list"! Edit: Well, they do have to come off but the gains for the trouble of doing them IMO didn't balance out on stock snails.

    Might make you feel better but my BMW installed replacements lasted 5k miles! Well, maybe that won't make you feel better.
  5. Dude, do all of your performance mods before you do cosmetic, you'll be happier plus kinda sleeper mode too. Buy the inlets, save money, buy downpipes, save money, pay them to be installed at the same time. Tis my plan sir.
  6. b1mmr

    b1mmr Corporal

    Pick a tuner, air filter, downpipes, fmic, stage 2 fuel pump, then make adjustments to your exhaust, and you're pretty well set for everything your stock car has to offer. I say do the inlets and outlets later with the turbos as suggested by everyone else.

    Only other mods after that would be tb/port injection and meth.
  7. Yea, FMIC and CP+BOV is next (after PCV, OCC, and fluids)

    But, I'm super pumped to knock out more on my build! :)
  8. b1mmr

    b1mmr Corporal

    I'm not sure how I forgot cp and bov lol.
    View: https://instagram.com/p/BLRrij7AHBi/

    I didn't like the noise of the bov with the DCI but when I switched to a drop in it quieted down whatever extra sound was being made.. it seems to be normal that the n54 makes a weird bov sound and I think it's partly due to the long air tracts.

    Keep us posted!
  9. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I can't wait to put on my fmic and cp. Need to get my exhaust figured out also.
  10. What exhaust are you looking into?
  11. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
  12. klooney

    klooney Specialist

    I can definitely recommend doing inlets but if you still have stock DPs I would swap those out first.
    I noticed a huge difference with inlets on stock turbos. Depending on the kit the job isn't too bad, hardest part is getting the rear inlet in. If you have another set of hands to help it makes it pretty easy.
  13. Only reason to doing inlets on stock turbos is if you're attempting to push them to that 450+whp range in my opinion. Those along with a custom tune are needed for full potential out of stock snails. I agree with the majority, to do them with a turbo upgrade, but if you have no issue with the mental torment they will put you through, then go for it.
  14. matreyia

    matreyia Sergeant

    335i e93
    I got inlets and outlets without turbo upgrade and it makes it super difficult to tune. It feels like the engine is going insane breathing and choking when trying to do wide open with MHD stage 2. Wedgetuning did it also, but it got down to controllable levels finally...too bad, my tranny got destroyed during the tuning session. Now I am waiting for my upgraded 6hp21 from Propulsive Dynamics so I can finish my Wedgetuning.
  15. damn, How did that total the tranny?
  16. matreyia

    matreyia Sergeant

    335i e93
    I measured 650nm (480 ft lbs.) of torque at one point. This is 180 more than stock. I was doing wot pulls for weeks...the stock tranny just can't take that kind of increase...even though it ain't nearly as high as the capabilities of this Propulsive Dynamics unit I am about to install.

    It started to shift roughly, banging from 3-4th. Then it started to slip whenever I let on the gas during driving, then it would go into dreaded gear limp mode symbol, then it finally stayed in that limp mode.

    Removal and inspection revealed clutch packs were still OK. But valve body and torque converter were clunky and worn with lots of looseness. I replaced all seals, gaskets, o rings, replaced valve body twice, new solenoids...new clutch frictions, new steels, even a new input shaft and torque converter...NOTHING fixed it. Even reflashing TCU to stock didn't do a thing. The same error "gear monitor ratio shift 3-4" kept coming back. So I threw my hands up and decided to take Jason's offer for the new tranny unit.
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  17. Jsherry20

    Jsherry20 Sergeant

    Inlets did wonders on my car
  18. Duplicities

    Duplicities Lurker

    E90 335i FBO w/ Inlets (soon)
    If X-Drive just do them with your downpipes since your engine will be braced and subframe dropped.
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  19. antiochasylum

    antiochasylum Specialist

    I did inlets with turbos. Sure you gain more power but the install is horrible