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M57 The M57....BMW's best kept secret

Discussion in 'B57, N57, M57' started by ccbsecu, Dec 21, 2017.

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    very interesting thread , in france we love the M57 engine a friend have one page of mapping " http://bmwmapping.eu "

    we have a few 335d full modded : R90 HPFP and 2000b mod injection , Catless DFP delete downpipes , hybrid turbo KP26 hybrid and KP39 hybrid , FMIC , swirl delete , egr removal , and make 470 WHP and 960-1000nm (710-740 Ft/lbs) , working and few new mods on this engine , but the m57 head is very restrictive , have some new hybrid turbos in development (the turbo look like a garrett GT35 adapted to the KP26 turbine core.