turbo N52 569 whp 500 wtq


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Nov 22, 2016
Long Island


May 9, 2017
Rhode Island
Believe it or not, it's been proven that the n52 head will out perform the n54 by far. The 52 head flows much better with its bigger ports and less restriction, even the valves are larger. This is why your seeing larger gains with boost compared to the 54 on the same level. The down fall with the 52 as you know, is its internal structure.


Dec 1, 2016
New York
I remember your thread on E90 post. Crazy to finally see the numbers are way higher than you speculated back then!

Gotta love all the N54 fanbois who try to shed debt on any project that doesn't involve their sacred motor. People have been boosting BMW's inline 6 for decades! Glad to see another generation holding it long term and proving that even a measly N52 can handle a bit of boost. 99% of people wouldn't even know what to do with 569whp and wouldn't even know how to build their car to even put it to the ground properly. take note of what people are doing with 700whp+ (not much more than roll racing).
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