Twisted Tuning 2020 Supra Dev/Build Thread

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Twisted Tuning

Platinum Vendor
Oct 25, 2016
New York
As some may have already seen on our social media accounts on IG or Facebook. We finally were able to get our VIN allocation for our 2020 A90 Supra Launch Edition. Dealer is telling me we should be taking delivery within 1-3 weeks now. So although technically not BMW related fully. It has a BMW drivetrain so its kinda relevant to Spoolstreet. This thread will serve as a build and dev thread for our Supra once we have it.
twisted supra.jpg

We didnt really ask for a choice in color, just wanted the very first arrival so we have a red with black interior fully loaded. It will basically be an R&D car for parts design and etc. Track and dyno time will be about the only real use for it outside some car events.


1. Intake
2. Downpipe
3. 3.5-4" Full exhaust
4. direct port meth/port injection
5. diff mounts
6. larger trans cooler
7. usable ducting
8. trans tuning
9. Max stock turbo (get dynos, and 1/4mile and half mile times)
10. large single turbo kit max stock bottom end (700-800whp)
11. built bottom end (1000whp goal)
12. stock A2W intercooler upgrade/removal
13. proper suspension bits be continued

Most of the above, will be in-house design and production. No time frame right now, but will wind up being an all out build similar to our Mazda shop car. whereas the body would probably be the least modified externally. But things wil be moving fairly fast, as we already have some key parts in prototype mode right now. Should be fun. Feel free to ask questions or anything if interested.

Pic of what ours should look like at delivery:

Supra red.jpg
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Mar 7, 2018
Are you still working on other platforms? I have been waiting for 3 weeks for a tune revision.
They were moving for a few weeks. They mentioned on their website and Facebook that "sales orders" wouldn't be shipping during that timeframe but it was not clear that this affected tune revisions. Also, there was no email broadcast to those expecting a tune revision (including me). I would have really appreciated that as it would have helped me understand what's going on instead of starting to talk with other tuners. We needed either a more direct notification of this downtime or a clearer message on their social media communication and the website because I was starting to consider a refund.

A couple of days ago, I had messaged the company page on Facebook and just found out today that the move was affecting tune revisions as well and that they're currently going through their 3+ week backlog.

So in conclusion, I've been in the same boat as you...

Twisted Tuning

Platinum Vendor
Oct 25, 2016
New York
Updates on our supra. Ran over 600whp on the Pure turbo upgrade for a while now. So we are now moving on to somethkng bigger and going for 800+whp.

Going to see how much the stock block can take. EFR9280 is going on this week with @DOC_Race turbo kit. We are hunting for a minimum of 800whp. But want like 850-900whp. So we will see.


Also, we finally got our rear drag kit on. 17x11 three piece wheels. With M&H racemaster drag radials. We are also looking to be the first to the 9s without nitrous.

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Nov 6, 2016
The 9280 is a bad ass turbo. Can't wait to see where this goes.

God I love how simple the single turbo kits are.

Twisted Tuning

Platinum Vendor
Oct 25, 2016
New York

EFR9280 installed. Were in the middle of a snow storm here in the northeast so havent been able get her on the dyno just yet. Little started snowing as we finished the install. so dyno soon when we catch a break in the weather.

Short vid of some revs

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Dec 17, 2018
What kinda torque limits are you hitting on the ZF8? Seems like that's where I've heard most people are struggling now, haven't heard anything about a tcu flash yet. Congrats again, awesome car!

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