Upgrade paths for front swivel and wheel bearings (E9x, E8x)


Dec 1, 2016
New York
Mine are pretty new as well. Less than three years old. However I get both brake pad knock back and some rumbling when running slicks on track, which I assume is all due to the bearings. Fortunately no issues or noises on street at all.
I found my front left hub was slightly bent which prompted me to make the move. I guess a new wheel bearing would've been cheaper but that's no fun now is it...
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Jan 31, 2017
Some quick notes for those who are interested:

M uprights will require the use of M outer tie rods. I'm running E9x M3 tie rods on my F8x uprights.

F8x front control arms are approx 20mm longer per side compared to the E9xM control arms. This will allow more camber and/or track width, depending on your camber plate, wheel offset, and fender combo. I'm running the stock E9x arms on mine as camber is where I want it to be plus fender clearance is already right on the edge as it is.
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