Vader Solutions N54 Breather System

Aug 11, 2017
I think the majority of people that invest in this setup expect to not have to walnut blast going forward, and that is pretty far from the truth, even on a 100% healthy engine and turbo setup that's not pushing oil.
Most of us didn't grow up with DI BMW's because they did not exist. They were washed with injectors at the front of the head. I don't know if most people expect not to walnut blast. But every 25-40k is undesirable. If it was, say 60-80k that would be far more reasonable.

Jan 28, 2018
Parts unknown
These arguments are so wordy.Am i really the crude?by summerizing pages and paragraphs of these emotions with statements like.....”shut the fuck up with that nonsense” or “fuck off dickhead”? Ask yourself what is truly the easiest route. I enjoy going A-B. Then again my youth was spent in a minority ghetto.In subpar government assisted public schools. With no college degree.

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