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What is everyone Cleaning DCI's with?

Discussion in 'BMW General' started by NoGuru, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. NoGuru

    NoGuru Specialist

    Just curious what everyone is cleaning there DCI's with?
    I have Burger Motorsports DCI's.
    I see there is lots of options for the cleaning kits.
  2. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    I still have some K&N cleaning solution and oil that I have been using on my BMS filters. So far so good, just don’t over oil filters!!
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  3. tan_rich

    tan_rich Private

    I second the K&N cleaning solution. I usually clean it with solution and leave it over night to dry. Just remember to plug up the intakes with a towel or something so nothing goes in while the intakes are off.
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  4. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Yes defiantly make sure you put clean rags or shop towels in the intakes while your cleaning them. I clean mine a few times then let them dry fully in the sun and then oil and let the oil dry for a bit before bolting them back on.
  5. NoGuru

    NoGuru Specialist

    Okay, thanks guys, I will pickup the K&N kit.
  6. Nick6

    Nick6 New Member

    '07 335i
    K&n cleaning kit. Easiest thing to find that does the job.
  7. don detta

    don detta Lurker

    Northern Virginia
    2009 E90 335i lci
    Some quick brake cleaner does the job real nice
  8. Rcboosted2007

    Rcboosted2007 Specialist

    Fresno ca
    07 335i
    Ive cleaned and oiled then pressurized to check air flow and they always perform bad after service. So i think it may be best to replace