Wheels and Offsets Picture Thread

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Aug 6, 2017
Heres my fitment take. My fenders are rolled. Fronts are very slightly pulled. Sitting on Megan Euro 2s.

TE37SL | 18x9.5 +22 | Rear tires: Nitto Invo 265/35/18 | Front tires: Nitto invo 235/40/18
Slight rubbing in the rear but not a whole lot. Only when doing pulls or hitting a dip/bump. Fronts did not rub.

VMR v703 | 18x9.5 +22 | Rear tires 255/40/18 | Front tires 245/40/18.
Fronts rub on dips, but not while turning, rears rub doing hard pulls.

Drag Radial Setup | Racestars 17x9.5 6.875" Backspacing | Mickey Thompson ET Street 295/45/17
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Jan 7, 2017
Brunswick, OH
View attachment 5609 View attachment 5610 View attachment 5611 View attachment 5612 View attachment 5613 View attachment 5614 View attachment 5615 View attachment 5616 View attachment 5608 15" Conversion, 275/50/15 Hoosier DR2, 15" Forgestar F14 7.2 Back Spacing +44 Offset.. Very happy with how it looks and yes i had to change calipers pads and rotors for this to fit
LMK when you are ready to sell the entire setup! Willing to buy outright, or trade my setup plus cash
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Oct 18, 2016
2008 335xi on KW V.1 Forgestar SDC F14
19/9.5 235/35/19 et22
19/11 265/30/19 et30 on Hankook V12 Evo2 Fenders Rolled.
Forgestar F14 SDC
Front 19x9.5 et22 245/35
Rear 19x11 et20 275/30

2008 with sport suspension. Fenders rolled.
It looks like you both have your tires stretched on those 19x11's... Do you think I could get the 19x10's and NOT stretch the tires?

How much camber are you running?

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