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Why you should run the JB4 + Flash instead of just the Flash

Discussion in 'S55, S58' started by Mike @ XPH, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Mike @ XPH

    Mike @ XPH Corporal Vendor

    This brief article explains the importance of using a JB4 even if your BMW is already Flash Tuned. It specifically explains N54 applications but it mostly applies to all engines.
    1- Advanced Safety system
    • If boost exceeds your safety settings, the JB4 reverts to the stock map
    • If AFR is too lean (15% variance), JB4 reverts to the stock map
    • Extra safety for Port Injection and WMI
    2- Absolute Boost Control System
    • JB4 targets an absolute boost level where boost is always the same (Independent of external factors)
    • JB4 has ability to set max boost per gear
    • JB4 automatically tunes Wastegates and fuel trims
    • Autotune maps that gives max safe power based on mods, fuel, and IAT (Intake Air Temperature)
    3- On The Fly Changes
    • Boost Levels
    • Max boost per. gear
    • Gauges
    4- Better Feedback for the Driver
    • Ability to change ANY settings, map, gauges using the JB4 app (on phone) without the need for laptop connectivity
    • Ability to monitor real time boost, AFR timing, knock, and meth flow
    • Ability to data log and email it to BMS using the mobile app (without the need for any cable)
    • Ability to record data, 250x per second
    5- Complete Tuning System
    • Eliminates need for additional modules
    • No lift shift
    • 2 step
    • Anti-Lag
    • Port Injection Control
    • Flex-Fuel sensors
    • Water/Methanol Control
    • Ability to work as a cohesive unit rather than have multiple modules working separate
    6- FREE Upgrades and Support
    • Lifetime Firmware Upgrades and Backend Flashes
    • Free support from the BMS team
    7- No Change In DME
    • All DME table values stay intact
    • JB4 adds performance and safety while keeping DME 100% in charge
    Thank you to 'BMW Fanatic' on YouTube for the awesome explanation!