XClutch Twin Disc Review & Installation (6MT N54)

The Convert

Jun 4, 2017
I have minimal to next to no nvh in high load low rpm situations but I run stock bushes, stock mounts and factory oil with a full titanium akrapovic exhaust, akra in their infinite wisdom put flex joints in their dp but they are tiny compared to AR design

Even though they are near a perfect fit still need some kind of flex joint to relive fitment situations.

When I ran the stock mids they where horrible and definitely need some kind of flex joint.

GGMR2T try the flex joint on both your mids and you will be pleasantly surprised how much better the fitment gets and lowers the nvh.

Not saying it will get rid of all as there is to many variables in most peoples setups but it did in mine and will definitely help a lot in most.
Is your exhaust the full titanium version? If so, mind throwing some sound clips up? I’d love to hear it.


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Sep 6, 2017
Down Under
The exhaust is not really the problem but solves it.

It's all the aftermarket 3" dp, some fit better than others but are mostly less than stallar.


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Aug 11, 2017
So true on the DP. You can work them some a few ways (pry bar, unbolt, etc) ... but yeah I agree! The first set I tried to install, I sent back. Second set was good enough. "Slap it on" doesn't work for stuff like DP's and turbo outlet on these cars.



Nov 6, 2016
I would think that is the case for inexpensive downpipes made in China. I don't recall hearing fitment issues with AR or CPE or any of the higher end DPs iirc. I assume much better quality control. But few want to pay for it.