XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler


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Oct 25, 2016
One of the orders was mixed up during packing at XClutch, so I'm guessing yours is the other side (I couldn't confirm this though until you contacted me)


May 25, 2018
^any NVH/rattle with those shifters?

Ever since i went with an Mfactory SMFW i had to ditch my dinan SSK, and go back to stock because it sent rattles and buzzing through the shift lever

: /

I was hoping a floor mounted shifter might kill some of that, due to it removing the AL shifter/carrier arm?
Only because i have poly everything. At least thats my assumption. It doesn't bother me any. I'll accept nvh, as long as it rips, and stays a nasty 40 roll car. But my preference is different than most lol.
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May 25, 2018
Did you notice less or more after the chassis mounted shifter?
Honestly i can't give you an definitive answer on that. I did my poly mounts at the same time i believe. Sorry i cant be of much help on that. But definitely added overall. I think its because its solid mounted, and travels through the linkage, and the old had rubber on the factory shift arm for the trans and body. And plastic bushing for the shifter ball cup thing.

If you were local, id let ya drive it and see.
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Mar 16, 2017
One of the orders was mixed up during packing at XClutch, so I'm guessing yours is the other side (I couldn't confirm this though until you contacted me)
Yes, sounds like XClutch's warehouse had a mix-up. XClutch has since delivered a replacement, so I hope to be up and running as soon as the shop gets through its backlog of appointments this week.


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Nov 16, 2019
Hey Spoolstreet,

So I am trying to organize this Group Buy and we have already gotten a few people to sign up from different forums with some dependent on the final price. This is from the XClutch Rep: "We're also open to a group buy if you think you have enough numbers to do so." I am thinking if we get to at least 10 people then we might have something, 20 people I'm sure would mean a stellar price for all of us.

Let me know if you are interested, I'll throw you on the list! :)
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If you have not heard of XClutch it is because they originated in Australia but they are now boosting up their US presence. They have will have clutch kits available through American distributors for various platforms including the N54, EVO, Mustang, Motorsport applications, etc.

Currently a few Forum members are running this upgrade without issue on their N54's that are pushing considerable torque. So far everyone's reports are quite positive.

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XClutch has introduced a new twin disc organic clutch kit for BMW 135i and 335i. The new performance upgrade has been designed specifically for high horsepower vehicles that are still driven on the street.

Consisting of two 230mm organic clutch discs, alloy racing pressure plate and single mass chromoly flywheel, the new kit provides 1300kg clamp load whilst still offering exceptional driveability. The kit also includes a thrust bearing and steel clutch alignment tool. A variety of options are also available to suit either a 6 bolt or 8 bolt crankshaft.

“We are pleased to be able to offer new twin disc kits to suit the BMW 135i and 335i.” says Brenton Jordan, Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, “The new kits will be ideal to suit demand from Australia and our various international markets.”

XClutch also lists a twin plate ceramic and twin plate carbon version of the clutch for racing applications as well as a variety of single plate options. The kits fit E92 and E93 versions of the 335i, E82 and E88 versions of the 135i and the E89 3.0L BMW Z4.

I am SURE there are more people who need clutch's now with the "New" Shift Bog Fix....

1) @Bsimmi15
2) @tsaulz
3) @Shocknawe
5) @noorj - Pending Price
6) @GreyNBlueE92
7) @psblah - Pending Price
8) @Fos5il
9) Bsimmi15's buddy - :)
10) @JimmyNeutron
11) @mt_n54
12) @GGMR2T
13) @AlexN
14) @Dareien

Let me know if you guys are interested!!


Interested group buy

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