1. Carl Balzer


    *I'm going to preface this by letting you know that I was chose to test the first ever VRSF HD Core intercooler for the N55 F10. Since this intercooler has not been officially released yet, I can not share the pictures of it. Once Tiago and VRSF does their official release, I will update with...
  2. soawesomeman

    UR New DD: 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV

    (source: *Cue all jokes using the letter combo "UR" ;) to use for headlines… Technical Specifications ENGINE NUMBER OF CYLINDERS 8 DISPLACEMENT 3,996 cm3...
  3. Tallgeese179

    AutoX Handling Issues (335i xDrive)

    This weekend at autoX I noticed that I was having a lot of trouble getting the front end to turn in on long sweeping corners. I tried messing around with braking a little longer to scrub speed and transfer weight to the front. I also tried throttle induced oversteer, with mixed results since...
  4. zmon1300

    Technical Apr 2020 update: Maintaining a 600awhp 335xi Pure Stage 2 - Long term- CAR FOR SALE NOW!!

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to document my build for my 335xi. Started out on stock turbos, blew them and went the Hexon route. That didn't work out ( turbos lasted 3 days :eek: ) . Then, talked to Jesse @pureturbos and got a set of Stage 2 HiFlow turbos. Just got the car running. Its been about...