precision raceworks

  1. SJ_1989

    SOLD N54 Precision Stage 3+ LPFP (brand new)

    Up for sale is a brand new Precision Stage 3+ LPFP. Originally purchased for $718 from Precision's website. Few packages were open because I started assembling but taking a different direction. Comes with Hobb's switch. Price is $550 shipped CONUS...
  2. 1FastT2

    Precision Raceworks Coils Timing Corrections

    I’m curious what would cause timing corrections with using these coils over stock type coils. Logs show more timing corrections using PR coils over stock type coils. Build info: Motiv closed deck engine. Fully built running e85. With PR coils plugs are gapped are 0.024 Stock coils gapped at...
  3. D

    Help With Misfire N54 FBO

    I have recently installed precision raceworks coils onto my N54 and have been getting misfires Im FBO excluding a cat back exhaust i also have 94 octane in the tank
  4. Ztuck45

    Misfire issues (with precision coils)

    So I need some help. I've been having random misfires that I believe is originating from my spark plugs. I'm running the precision ignition system on e50 and usually 17-20psi. I had been using NGK 95770 gapped to .022 which worked fine for a while but I started getting random misfires under...
  5. antiochasylum

    My Coil story...its entertaining....

    Another post about coils...but this one is good. Read it. Lets backtrack, Bimmer Life first to release any kind of "upgraded" coil. Precision Raceworks coils released shortly after both are great sets of coils, back by some really awesome companies and people. I finally decided to order the PR...
  6. Ztuck45

    Precision Raceworks Ignition Upgrade DIY

    Hey guys I just installed the Precision Ignition upgrade on my car. I'm super happy with how the car feels now. I was getting crazy misfires before and somewhat of a rough idle but it runs mint now! I'm also working with EMP tuning so I can get the most power out of it. I made a DIY with some...