A few E60 Questions (Anyone of Them You Can Answer Would Help)Part#1

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Jul 22, 2018
Northern California
Ok so I have a 04 525I, Automatic Transmission, M54 Engine. I recently found a 2006 530i at a junk yard not to far away that has more than a few parts in perfect condition still so what I want to know is how much of the car I can use without having to do too much installing the new stuff into my car.

1| ok first off I know that the engines look different but how different are the actual parts on them? I'm asking in reference to the air filter housing box, mainly the lid part, on my car when u unlatch the box an open the lid there is only one filter inside & it's the regular air filter nothing else, on the 530i its the exact same box, clips, & filter the only difference is on the inside of housing lid the car in junkyard[530i] has a filter inside which almost looks as though it is part of the lid and I believe it even says do not remove on the lip of the filter up inside there. I can't seem to find any diagram of this so I'm wondering if the filter housing box on my car should have that 2nd filter inside the lid or if that is something particular to the 530's? if not, would it do anything to help my car if I was to pull it off and install it? as far as I can tell it would be an easy install because the parts are so close to the same they may be identical.|

2| The next thing is in regards to the outside mirrors, the 530i have folding mirriors, I just have the heated mirriors with autodip but they don't fold tho I have them coded too so I think they just don't have the motors inside, would it be simple to uninstall them and then install them on mine since I already have a semi electric mirriors im taking it that all the needed wiring has been ran im just missing those motors?|

3| The next thing im not sure what it is but if im correct I think it is the amp/module for the hifi system, it is mounted on the drivers side rear wheel well behind the panel pieces that come out near where the Bluetooth module goes, I don't believe I have that mod so I was wondering if its possible to install in my car without having to tear too much of it apart to run anything, also if it would even be worth it to instsll?



May 9, 2017
Rhode Island
I’m in the process of doing a n54 in a n52 car, so I’ve had the chance to look between options of the two cars. Mine is a late 06 for ann07 build. The 535 car was an 07 build for an 08 model build year. I’m not a BMW guru like some people, but I’ve pulled the entire harness out of this car. These options that your looking for are all inter graded into the harness, and end up into a body control module. There are a lot of wiring differences between the 04-05s and 06-07s. If you go to 5series net, there are a lot of retros fitting later options in an earlier car. The standard hifi system is just an basic amp, and it’s been shown you can add an external amp into this for more bass. I believe the amp is just for the subwoofers. The cold weather package includes seats and steering wheel, unless you already have heated seats, retoring this is major work, as it’s tied into the idrive. There have been others who just use a switch to turn them on. I don’t remember if the wheel is pnp with the standard harness. If you have power mirrors with dip, you car run fold mirrors, with the correct door switch and coding. If you switch the door cards with shades, it should be the same, you can’t just use the shade. All the navigation wiring for what I found is intergraded thruout the car using various antennas, and Most. The e60 has most of the antennas, but not the wiring. I was going to do the ccc install, but found its was more work than needed. All that nav will eventually be outdated, Waze and Google maps are perfect for directions. Hope this gives you some insight for what’s about to come.


Oct 18, 2016
So, the 525i with the M54 vs the 2006 530i with the N52B30. I had a 2005 330i but I never dug around too much with the wiring harnesses, but if I know BMW, all that stuff you want to do is going to be intertwined with the wiring harnesses and you'd be lucky to be able to add them at all. I highly doubt its ever a situation of simply missing the motors, BMW is known for not even running the wires at all in some cases. For example, if you get an E92 after about 2009 without an alarm, the pre-wiring for it is not there anymore and it's virtually impossible to get the factory alarm at that point.

With that said, if you wanted to put in the effort you could probably retrofit it. You'll need to make heavy use of a wiring diagram, try this:


Jul 22, 2018
Northern California
ok thanks for the info, im just trying to "update" as much of this car as I can since it is kinda old considering its a 04' I was aiming for a newer one when I was looking at cars but when I ran into this one I couldn't pass up a car with such low miles in as good of condition as it was, im still under 130k an have put 10-12k on it since buying it. I just would like to have newer things to make it a lil better if that makes any sense?