Ad: B48/B46 F & G series are now supported by MG Flasher

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Oct 15, 2018
BMW B48 F & G series are now supported on MG Flasher update version 1.3.25!

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Support for BMW B46 and B48 engines in F-series and G-series vehicles has now been added to MG Flasher!

We are happy to announce OTS maps stage 1 and stage 2 are now available for selected models. The amount of time and dedication we received from our beta testing team is unreal, we are so grateful for their support! Our staff and team of beta testers spent many hours on the dyno, street and track. They went through extensive testing and logging in many different climate zones to bring you safe and reliable software.

Here are the power levels we have seen on dyno runs:
184 hp model:
Stage 1 up to 290 hp and 420 Nm (310 ft-lb), delta of 95 hp and 138 Nm (102 ft-lb) from stock.
Stage 2 up to 325 hp and 450 Nm (332 ft-lb), delta of 130 hp and 168 Nm (124 ft-lb) from stock.
252 hp model:
Stage 1 up to 290 hp and 420 Nm (310 ft-lb), delta of 38 hp and 70 Nm (52 ft-lb) from stock.
Stage 2 up to 330 hp and 460 Nm (339 ft-lb), delta of 78 hp and 110 Nm (81 ft-lb) from stock.

Models with OPF (gasoline particulate filter) are also supported on stage 1 OTS maps.

Hybrid models are still under beta testing and will be released soon.

Stage 2 requirements: Transmission tuning recommended due to the torque limiter at 440 Nm (325 ft-lb). A high flow catalytic converter or catless downpipe is required. OPF filter must be removed. Please make sure to select appropriate options in MG Flasher during the flashing process.

The process is quick and easy, download MG Flasher App, connect to your car, purchase a flashing license and map, select ECU unlock, select which map to flash and you are done! Take advantage of fast flashing through an ENET cable which is supported with our most recent release, allowing users to change OTS maps in 15-20 seconds! The entire process takes under 10 minutes when using ENET. You can find detailed instructions in our user manual and connection guide on our website or in our app.

You will be able to enjoy all the features currently available on other MG Flasher tunes. Depending on your vehicle, this includes switchable maps on-the-fly, dynamic exhaust burble also adjustable on-the-fly, cold start elimination, catalytic converter delete, OPF delete, speed limiter removal and custom map flashing. Custom tuners using our platform and working with Tuner Pro will get access to XDF files soon (under development). These features are included with our flashing license and map pack at no additional cost!

*Switchable maps “on the fly” are currently supported only on F-Series vehicles. G-Series “on the Fly options” are in development. G-Series require a 15 -20 second reflash (when using ENET) to switch maps.

Supported B46 and B48 models**:
BMW 120i F20
BMW 230i F22
BMW 320i 330i F30 F31 F34 (G20 soon)
BMW 420i 430i F32 F33 F34 F36
BMW 530i G30
BMW X3 20i 30i G01
BMW X4 30i G02
**If you have a B46/B48 engine (184 hp or 252 hp model) and your vehicle is not shown on this list, please contact us directly for support. Hybrids are not available yet.

Visit our website for more information at

Download the App from Google Play now to unlock the power!

Stay tuned!


1-184hp st2 vs stock.png

2-252hp st1 vs stock.png

3-252hp st2 vs stock.png

4-hybrid st2 vs stock.png

5-hybrid st1 vs stock.png

MG Flasher offers products intended only for competition racing/off-road use which may not be road legal in your region. JR Auto Performance Inc. accepts no responsibility for compliance with vehicle’s factory warranty or road legality.
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