CSL Style 19's for 18's

Feb 28, 2017
I have a set of CSL style 19's that came with my 335D that I purchased. I'm assuming they are aftermarket, as they do not have an M in any of the castings. They have a few rub marks, nothing noticeable when cleaned.(no gouges or anything)

Currently, they have Conti DW's mounted,
Rears have 50%+ life left (about a year old)
Fronts have 60% + life left, but are slightly feathered, and haven't driven enough to wear the feathering back down (they are a little louder, till the feathering goes away)... this was caused by me driving to the alignment shop (8 miles) after installing new M arms and B12 Bilsteins.
I'm looking to trade to get into something more performance oriented (vs style) in an 18" style, OE or aftermarket... with at least %50 tread and rims being in similar condition... AND cleaned when we meet up. I'll pull and completely detail clean each rim, and expect the same.
216 OE style is my favorite, CSL & M styles being my second favorite.
Aftermarket = must be performance oriented (example) Enkei RPF1, NTO3, etc
Feb 28, 2017
Oh, my bad... Las Vegas, NV

and I think i've decided i want 17" ARC-9s ... or similar (17x9 et30)
Jun 27, 2017
I have Apex 18" EC-7. PM me for details

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