E90 Sedan LCI tires fitment with a twist


Nov 10, 2017
yes, i know it's been asked before but my situation is a bit different.

The roads in Brazil are utter crap and riding on M-Sport suspension is not ideal to say the least - it's simply too low.. So i had to do the opposite of what most want :)
After researching I found that people use the following to raise the car - i've used 10mm rubber spacers that go under the rear springs and used e46 spring perches that raise the front about 10mm.
It worked fine and raised the car overall about 10mm.

Problem now is that the 18" wheels look too small.

The idea is to go 19" and so i've found a nice set ot wheels that are 8.5 ET35 on front and 9.5 ET40 on the back. Now i'm stuck with tire size choises -

I'll probably go with 235 or 245 / 35 19 tires on the front.

My question is regarding the rear tire size. I want to go 275 30 but afraid of rubbing. I've seen people mention they use 275's on LCI but i'd like someone to actually confirm it works.

I guess in my case there's less chance of rubbing since i've raised the car ?

if someone does run 275s on the back of a LCI Sedan please post your offset and wheel size.

Thanks in advance!


Nov 20, 2017
I think you are making a mistake going to 19” rims if you are concerned with rough roads.

On my e90 LCI, I have 18”, 9.5 wide et 44 wheels.

Rear tires are 275/40/18 Michelin PSS, no fender roll, very light rubbing with 4 passengers, can be remedied with a minor fender roll.


Jan 3, 2018
I agree, you should stick with the 18s and increase the sidewall height. It will help with the rough roads and fill in the some of the gap between tire and fender.