E9X E93 M Performance f30 retrofit kit Review


Apr 19, 2017
Ok...just got the Rotora front brake kit. First impressions: packaging impeccable. Product design and look and fit finish...impeccable. I am skeptical that this will fit my oem bmw 313 wheels at 18 inches though...but Loren at Rotora really assured me they will. He's a nice guy and good service so far.

Here's the deal... if these do fit my 18 inch wheels, I most definitely have to sell my new M Performance rear brake kit with the two piece ECS rotors because the paint is too different and I am mentally ill...so much so that I know it is going to drive me insane.

What do you guys think the interest in the community would be to buy my almost new M Performance retrofit rear brake kit for $1500 plus shipping? I bought the kit for $2400 at the time. I would be taking a 900 dollar hit for just less than a month use... DAAAAAAYYYUMMM...!
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