F10 N55 Improved Replacement Turbo Inlet


Nov 5, 2016
Gilbert, AZ
For those with F10's with the N55 (535i and 535xi), once you are at approx. the 400RWHP mark the inlet becomes a serious restriction making your turbo strain for air at high RPM. When I was tuning mine with a Pure Stage 2 it was very difficult to achieve over 16 PSI using the stock inlet.
I have completed an initial run about 6 months ago and they sold out pretty quickly. I am looking to have another run made, I am hoping for at least 10 to get better pricing for everyone. The initial run sold at $495 shipped within the US. If I can get a group buy of 10 complete I can do better on pricing. Please PM me if interested.
Below are pictures of the new inlet, next to stock, and installed to turbo. I would highly recommend installing at time of turbo upgrade if you are going PS2. This isn't an easy install because of all the BMW coolant plumbing, but it isn't bad if done when replacing the turbo.