Finally cracking 11.9s

Discussion in 'Racing - Kills Discussion' started by Cheezy, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. Here's my first pass into the 11s. Been sitting at 12.1 for a while, got tired of it. 335xi on mhd e60, DCI, cp, fmic, muffler delete, xhp stg2.

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    Welcome to the 11's! Not bad for stock turbos. Throw in some downpipes and you should get deeper into 11's. Xi's always have nice 60 foots.
  4. Thanks man, I'm excited! I had some misfires on that first slip that kept me from making a full pass, but compared to the 11.93 slip it looks like it would've been 11.89 or better. The 60' are insane when i leave in 3/4 boost. In full boost I spin and hop. I have to figure out my tire pressure or change to a stickier tire. I think im gonna get dp and inlets at the same time, but a PR Coil kit is next up as far as performance. I want to do a bunch more of weight reduction to my car for obvious reasons, but I want to keep it somewhat sleeper looking and a dailyable. Carbon hood and trunk are in order but I'll be having them wrapped to match. Yup.... Im just blabbering on about my car... Can't you tell I'm stoked!!!
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    Still want to see a built transfer case. I know this gets asked a lot, but did the worm gear ever get fixed? I don't even know what the weak link is now.
  6. Afaik it hasn't been, PD said they were gonna tackle it, I told them I'd be willing to beta, but I don't think they thought I was serious haha I know someone a few years ago was making CNC ones just as cheap replacements but they were soft metal and he said himself it wouldn't hold up for drag racing. He said it would be possible to make them of harder metal but then that would shift the weak link to elsewhere, possibly to a harder more expensive part.

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    Congratulations did you log?
  8. Yes I did

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