Hard Motorsport Fender Flares Inquiry

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Nov 7, 2016
Anyone close to Spokane, Washington USA?

Was speaking to Adam @ Hardmotorsport about potentially making flares for the E82. His flare looked very clean on the e90/e36 and thought maybe they could make some for our platform. He replied "If we had a car we could do something". Just trying to build some interests and hoping someone close by could be a test subject!

Below are some pictures of their flares.

Update - They need the car for 1-2 months for measurements and to make the molds. No cuts or modifications will be done on the car.
They also need more demand before they start developing

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Jan 24, 2018
There was a lot more of a push for these on 1addicts. Never happened. Hard Motorsport just ghosted on the project. To be completely honest, I think they decided it wouldn't be worth pursuing for such a niche audience. Would have been nice if they had communicated that, but here we are.
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