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Nov 22, 2017
It has unfortunately come to a point to where we have to call out a guy spreading false rumors regarding our turbos on all off the facebook pages and forums.
A few days ago I was checking posts to be approved on our MMP Facebook page, when I saw a pending post from a guy by the name of "Frankie Dee" it was a post stating that my turbo failed with only 2000 miles on them what now.
So I reached out to Mr. Dee to see what was going on with his turbos, he replied he had picked up the set off of a local sale website and the shop had said the turbo had an oil leak.
So I asked him for the previous owners name so I could look up to see if they were still under warranty. He said he did not ask the guy his name and that he said nothing was wrong with them. And that he had paid $2000 for them. Had him send me pictures and there was oil in the turbine housing, but turbo has not been sent in or inspected by us to see if it has a defect or not. There have been cases of a couple turbos being sent in with oil in turbine housing and on detailed tear down and inspection every seal and bearing is found to be perfect inside the turbo, so the leak is caused by something else not allowing the turbo to drain properly, not a failed component. Don’t know if that is the case or not in this case as it has not been inspected by us in hand.
So i asked him to try to get a hold of the guy that sold them to him so we could get the information we needed to verify the warranty. First he said he contacted him through a text app. And then when asked if he knew him, he said "If I did I would kick his ass" if he knew him or knew how to get a hold of him.
So as you can see he could not give us the necessary info (really not ANY info at ALL) to be able to validate the warranty such as when the warranty started and if it was still in the warranty period or anything, so I offered to sell him a new CHRA to fix his problems. So we talked about how to replace that and what the shop would have to do.
He admitted he got duped over and said it always happens to him "Karma he said".
So after a few exchanges I get him to give a phone number all of a sudden from the guy he supposedly bought them from, So I reverse checked the number and it just happened to belong to his parents, when I ask him about it he said "Oh I gave you the wrong number" I am pretty sure everyone knows there parents number right, So now I am getting suspicious of this even more.
So he gives me another number and its comes back to a young kid that doesn’t look 16, I let him look at his picture and he said no that is not him.
So right after that segment of the conversation I see a post from him trying to sell these MMP turbos for $1300 without mentioning the leak in the turbine housing so I remove the post and tell him not to be posting them for sale to our community without fully disclosing what you know about the leak in the turbine housing.
This is when he started getting hostile with me and blaming us for his misfortunes, soon after the multiple FB page slandering started which I am sure most of you have been seeing. He unfortunately has been misinforming everyone about these turbos that he can not verify date warranty started or previous legit ownership (as a few turbos have been stolen through credit card fraud and potentially this could be one of them, obviously we wont warranty stolen turbos) and was lastly saying he only paid $500 for them in one of his last posts on FB. So he has contradicted himself on many occasions during all of this. I hope I do not have to share my conversations with him to prove all of this which I will if need be. My intent is for you, Frankie Dee, to admit to what you have been saying is false and recant all of your slander and apologize to the community and us for your ill-advised comments.
I would also like to address a few things that have been brought up regarding voided warranties and failures.
First, to date there has been ZERO voided warranties what there has been is one instance where the issue was unwarrantable due to improper use and even in that case sold the replacement CHRA at half cost to help the guy out because he really asked for a break, and later he turns around and burns us in public as well. There have been no warranties at all voided and anyone claiming that should back that up with proof as it just isn’t true. There is a big difference between one issue that is unwarrantable due from an operational failure, and voiding his warranty which we did not do. Second, a few characters in our community want everyone to believe we have some huge failure rate with our turbos, the truth is the true number is about 30 CHRAs out of about 600 CHRAs delivered which if my math is right, it’s at 5%, although that number is higher than hoped as we aim for 0% and we learn from every failure and make constant improvements. All lessons learned and improvements are carried to our latest turbo offerings. Also many times depending on what the situation may call for we have gone above and beyond what the warranty covers and provided cash for covering labor charges, hundreds if not thousands of dollars in free products and other restitution's. No one is entitled to this by our warranty policy, we just bring it up to show we have many times gone way beyond what the warranty covers, and sometimes even in those cases, the customer has posted negatively about us in public forums/facebook, but not one of them has had a voided warranty of any kind. It just goes to show many feel entitled to more than just what the warranty covers and when they don’t get it they go on the offensive to slander and attack even sometimes with lies.
We are a constant improvement company with a vision of having both quality and customer service at a high level.
Moving forward we will continue to be as transparent as possible to show everyone we have nothing to hide and call out those that spread lies and fake news by posting the facts and letting you decide.
Hope the clears any negative thoughts of MMP products and our Customer Service moving forward.

Thanks Eugene
MMP Customer Service
Nov 22, 2017
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4N Motorsport

Dec 11, 2017
Just curious. What do you guys use to assemble and build the chra? Are the bearings, seals, and turbine shafts genuine Mitsubishi? I have installed a lot of mmp turbos and they always seem to have an issue smoking down the road. After taking them apart myself I find the turbine hot side shaft seal leaking.


Nov 10, 2016
Houston, Texas
Hi 4N, good talking with you today. Yes we use quality TD04 spec internals as well as upgraded dual oil passage with larger bearing area thrust bearings. Smoking issues can happen for a variety of reasons from turbo failure to oil over supply. I posted an interesting discussion on this topic just now in the N54 engine section, join the discussion there :)


Oct 18, 2016
This is why we do not allow people to "Ask for a friend" or any of that bullshit. I delete those pending posts, tell your friend they can come and ask for themselves otherwise you aren't advertising here.


Jul 2, 2017
So what was being used in Gen 1 ?? Were they not genuine Bosch ? Were they not new ? Were they refurbished ? When I purchase a pi kit from an actual vendor (not craigslist) , I expect ALL parts to be NEW unless stated that it includes refurbished parts. If they are advertised as Bosch injectors, I expect them to be GENUINE Bosch and NOT a knockoff Bosch. Thats just stupid.
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Sep 26, 2020
I would like to you guys to get ahold of me and work out some solution to my POS MMP BOV falling apart and leave a big round washer banging on my intake valves. [email protected] i need some sort of refund from you guys