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PC Racing

Mar 13, 2017
2008 135i

M4 rep trunk spoiler
Custom side splitter
Custom front splitter
Custom grill mesh
Meteo Motorsport defuser
Hard Motorsport center lock wheels
Lci tail lights
Accorsi engineering dtm headlights
Smoked side markers

Recaro profi spg
Coby Wheel gauge hood,shift boot,hand brake,hand brake boot and steering wheel
IRP shifter
Aem wide band for each bank
Aem boost gauge
Aem oil pressure gauge
Macht Snell gauge pod
Turner Motorsports pedals
Ultimate clutch pedal
Carbon sun roof delete

Hawk race pads front and rear
Braided lines
Titianum shims front only
Repainted calipers (silver)
Stop tech slotted rotors front and rear
Motul 600 fluid

Drive train/suspension:
M Factory twin disk clutch (full race)
Akg end links
Ecs sway bar front
Akg sphirical lower strut mount
Akg poly upper strut mont
Godspeed toe/upper control arms (spherical)
Polly lower inner rear
Rouge engineering lower outer rear(bearing)
Rouge engineering trailing arm bushings (bearing)
Ecs trailing arms
Tuner solid subframe bushings
Turner solid diff bushings
650i finned rear diff
M3 steering rack
M3 control arms front
Akg spherical inner uppper front
Akg end links
Ecs sway bar rear
Akg 74d trans mount
Ast coilovers
Custom diff lockdown
Active autowerks strut brace
Toyo r888 245 front 265 rear
Ade engine mounts
Wavetrack LSD
Vorshlag camber plates

MMP Turbos
Ade port injection
Aem meth (sprayed into the hot side endtank.
Big Tom intercooler
Vrsf down pipes
Vtt inlets
MMP outlets
Eas charge pipe
Tail bov
Stainless vac lines with quick disconnect
Stainless occ lines
Rb pcv valve
Mishimoto occ
Evolution race works carbon engine cover
M3 cowl
Carbon M3 cowl cover
Ecs carbon intake
Custom oil cooler
Bimmer life ignition coils
Custom stage 3 lpfp with twin hydramats
Custom secondary fuel controlor
Mhd flash only
Tuned by Wedge
Aic secondary fuel rail controlor
Ecs oil fitter cap
Ecs coolant bleeder
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Dec 28, 2016
Tally, FL
That whole rear subframe/diff/axles/rear suspension business... that'll never do for you. All crap- you need better, you deserve better. And gosh darn it, you're worth it...

So, umm..., yeah, tell ya what, just send it all to me. Chuck it on a pallet as a single unit, it'll be really easy, and ship it on over. Then you can get what you should really have. I'll make sure it goes to a more appropriate home :)

Yeah, that's the ticket :)

Seriously tho- some pretty good looking work here. I'm still figuring out what's what about most of the "good" stuff for bmw's- but this looks like nice work.
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Jan 7, 2017
I am really impressed. Excellent work!
But you're missing something to make it a proper race car...any guesses anyone as to the one thing I'm thinking of that PC's car is missing???


Oct 26, 2017
Where did you get that Mishimoto catch can bracket? I also run mine in the same location, but love the look of that dedicated bracket!

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