My Slow ST N54 "build thread"

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Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
Hello!! Recently decided to do a build thread of my 2009 335i, owned for a little over 2 years and shes gone thru many iterations, 2 turbo kits, 3 different suspension setups, and like 4 passenger side axles . Enjoy the current parts list and photo dump!

-AC Fabrication Single turbo kit W/ Pt6466
-Stock factory longblock
-Vader Solutions pcv delete/breather system
-Vader solutions triple pump bracket w/ dual walbro 450's
-Motiv Motorsports Flex Fuel
-Motiv Motorsports BoostBox
-Motiv Motorsports oil cooler thermostat delete plate
-Motiv Motorsports Twin Disc SST clutch
-PSP oil cooler core & mounting bracket
-Improved Racing 185 degree oil thermostat
-CP-E port injection rail
-VRSF 7.5" race intercooler
-Synapse blow-off valve
-Synapse charge pipe
-n20 spark plugs
-Delphi coil packs
-ADV o2 sensors

-AC Fabrication single turbo downpipe
-AFE Power catback

Tuning Solution
-Flash only w/ MHD
-Custom flex fuel tune by Chris Kontos of Motiv Motorsport

-Fortune Auto 500 series coilover 8k/10k spring rates
-Condor Speed Shop solid UHMW subframe bushings
-Condor Speed Shop poly trans mounts
-Condor Speed Shop solid UHMW differential bushings
-OEM rear M3 control arms
-OEM rear M3 sway bar
-OEM DCT M3 lsd
-OEM M3 rear axles

-Stoptech drilled and slotted rotors front & rear
-Stoptech street pads front
-Stoptech stainless braided brake lines all around
-Hawk street pads rear
-Motul RBF 600 dot 4 racing brake fluid

Future Mods
-PR or BL ignition system upgrade, havent decided yet but leaning towards BL currently
-relocate oil cooler core to behind kidney grills and fit a larger core
-front control arms
-adjustable rear toe and camber bolts w/ eccentric bolt lockouts
-alot of body work
-fuel feed/return upgrade
-im sure theres more, ill update as i come across more

How she sits currently




Latest dyno on 26.5 psi and e58 fuel, car is currently on 29 psi on e65+


some rear suspension bits, M3 LSD and solid subframe & diff bushings




One of my favorite pieces on the car is my exhaust, looks and sounds beautiful


and some glamour shots from when she used to be bagged


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Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
Ive personally done every bit of work to this car, including an engine swap when the first one let go, if anyone has any questions about any of the products ive used feel free to ask!!


Oct 18, 2016
Curious how you feel about the M3 rear end once its in.
Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
Race i had this weekend with a procharged 6th gen camaro SS! Unsure of camaros power level, only knew he was on 11 psi and spraying methanol



Nov 6, 2016
Holy shit you smoked him. Did he start in the wrong gear? With all that displacement and FI and meth I would be bullshit. Nice kill.
Holy shit you smoked him. Did he start in the wrong gear? With all that displacement and FI and meth I would be bullshit. Nice kill.
That was actually our 2nd run, first run i got him by more then that but he said he wasnt ready apparently, so we redid it again and he said he was spinning in this run, but it was a 60 roll so not sure how much weight that excuse can hold haha
M3 LSD and condor solid diff bushings installed today, still need a driveshaft so that will be ordered in the coming days, condor bushings fit great and installed easily, was able to pull them with ease using some pvc caps, threaded rod, washers, and some heat from my torch. excited to be able to put the power down soon and hopefully not bust anymore axles with the upgraded m3 axles as well



IMG_20181123_142508 (1).jpg
Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
This weekend i plan on finishing up the rear end install, driveshaft should arrive in the mail friday, gonna be doing a fluid change on the rear diff with liqui moly as well and buttoning it back together. Also have a oil change and relocating my oil cooler to behind the kidney grill with a psp oil cooler! Core that i purchased from them was pretty good, one of the brackets was bent im guessing from shipping maybe but nothing bending it back didnt fix, time to see how a good lsd feels!

Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
PSP oil cooler installed today, overall its okay. really need to supply some instructions as far as where they intended on this to mount, learned that if you have it to far forward the hood latch will scrape across the front of it, luckily it didnt damage anything functional just boogered up the coating. also please ignore the horribly cut core support up top, that was from awhile ago for something i was testing out and never got around to replacing. but eventually got it all adjusted right and sitting tight. looking forward to how this one reacts over my old mishimoto universal core, this one is twice the size
M3 lsd swap completed and I gotta say! I Love It! Gets great traction from a 40 roll on 25-26 psi now, tracks straight as an arrow and very confidence inspiring to run it. Gearing change is so miniscule from a 3.08 to a 3.15 I don't really notice the shorter gears, also now with the solid condor diff bushings i installed as well i get less shifter clunk, now onto some races tonight!!

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