N54 Piezo Fuel Injector Limits


Apr 4, 2018
DME already does detect knock per cyl just fine, no need to go do anything crazy.
I believe he was referring to getting a knock signal per cylinder that can be used as an alternative better suited for filtering out false knock or noise from a built engine. The stock knock sensors are fine to a point but over a certain noise threshold they are inaccurate. Im not sure if it is an amplitude limit with the sensor or A/D that could be throwing the filtering off. Ive seen someone selling an upgraded knock sensor that can deal with this but I haven't had experience with it. Ive used the pot method but without checking the signal or knowing how the dme is filtering the signal, i am unsure .
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Nov 7, 2016
Yea I know what he was saying, none of that is needed. The stock DME has a very advanced DSP and is capable of tuning the frequency filter, amplitude, etc of everything per cylinder, as well as logging noise per cyl and much more. Check the knock thread :)

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