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N55 mhd installation - help needed

Discussion in 'N55' started by faraway1971, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Hi folks,

    I tried to flash MHD stage 1 last weekend - but failed :(

    • proper charger in place
    • proper K+DCAN cable and OTG cable in place
    • Samsung tablet A6 w/ all SW needed (apps 400MB RAM and 1.7GB memory left)
    • unmodified car (no FMIC, no DP)
    • N55 from 02/2010 (must be one of the first ones)
    • Key FOB in slot (though keyless go), ignition on
    • DCT in P
    • Radio, aircon and headlights off (including angle eyes)
    • trunk, hood and doors open
    • cables connected, tablet in airplane mode
    • check connection via "read DME codes" - no codes detected
    OK so far ...
    • start flashing procedure (TUNE - FLASH A MHD MAP - STAGE 1 98 RON v0.20)
    • fuel pump starts, different noises from the engine bay, error messages in the i-drive. Charger tunes up to appx 20A. Everything seems normal.
    • after a couple of mins following message: Failed to write ECU. Unable to erase memory. HW FFFFFFFFFFFF...
    We tried to read the codes again, but also here we now received and error: Cannot retrieve error codes. .... Current software: 864416... ECU status: Program not available or incomplete. OBD readiness nor available.

    We flashed the car back to stock (864416) using the tool of evil (I*P*) and after that we could repeat the above again (i.e. errors are reproducible).

    We did not touch the tablet or anything else in the car, kept doors open to not interfere with anything else during the flashing procedure.

    Any hints what we need to look out for? We will try another android device and also try a different cable, but somehow I feel that this might not be the source of the issue.

    Now I am back on PPK SW, so I have at least some more power :) ... but having all the stuff in place I want to get MHD now up and running.

    Any hint appreciated


  2. Martial@MHD

    [email protected] Lurker Vendor

    Just answered your facebook message.
  3. Hi there!

    finally managed to flash the car! After the 15th attempt or so the system started flashing. We went for stage 0 first and then added stage 1 (98). Everything went smooth as it should. We did not change the HW, so the clue is either patience or stubbornness :D

    Nonetheless we will sent the debugging logs.

    First impression is simply WOW! The car has now much more OOOMPH. Although I am somewhat limited regarding max speed due to the (wrong) winter tires, the acceleration is much more impressive. I will prepare a log and s(p)end it here, if wanted. Oil temps looked good during the drive back home. More than enough power in every gear of the DCT. Together with the 335is DCT SW, the new oil in the gearbox and the MHD software, the setup feels absolutely right. Let's see for how long :D. FMIC and catless DPs here I come :D

    Next week is the long run test. 700km highway.


  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Congrats! The MHD is a good tune/application.

    Yes, put up a datazap so we can look :)
  5. Anything specific how to approach the logging or simply plug - autolog - drive around a little bit w/ different speeds/ accerlations?
  6. 343cab

    343cab Lurker

    Nice I'm goint tune my N55 with MHD too.
  7. Exxrated

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    E92 335i